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Reasons you should have a Prostate Massage.

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Reasons you should have a Prostate Massage.
Prostate gland serves an important function in men’s sexual health. It is a walnut-sized organ which is located between the bladder and rectum in a man’s body. The main function of the prostate gland is to produce a fluid which is expelled along with semen when a man ejaculates. Prostate issues start cropping up in most of the men after the age of 50. Enlargement of prostate, inflammation, and prostate cancers are common issues related to prostate health. It has been said that one of the common types of cancers that happen in men is Prostate cancer. Though there is no significant information about it some men have reported to have experienced amazing prostate orgasm as well. It is also identified as male G-spot. There was a time when prostate massagers were considered as toys used only by gay or kinky men, but with the passage of time they have become mainstream. It has been reported that the sale of prostate massagers have increased by 56% in last 5 years. The buyers have been reported to be straight men over the age of 45 years. It has also come to notice that some Doctors are increasingly encouraging men to opt for prostate massage to help alleviate the signs of several health issues. The massage can be done on their own or with help of licensed practitioner. Here are 4 potential benefits of prostate massage as suggested by Doctors:
  1. Erectile dysfunction
Though there is no strong evidence which can establish the link between prostate massage and erectile dysfunction, the Doctors said that it might be true. The theory of prostate massage improving the erectile dysfunction says that the massaging can help in increasing the blood flow. Since erections are caused due to enough blood flow, any type of stimulation which enhances the blood flow will lead to a hard boner.
  1. Urine flow
The urine is supposed to come from the penis in a straight flow. Though most men tend to ignore it, the urine flow says a lot about men’s health. If there is swelling or inflammation in the prostate, the prostate will cause irritation in the bladder. It will cause the urine flow to be slow or cut off which comes from the bladder through the urethra. The prostate massage theory says that the improvement in the flow of urine can be due to a decrease in the inflammation of the prostate which is one of the main causes of the urinary problem in men. Stimulating the pelvic floor muscles, which relax and contract while urination can also help in improving the urine flow.
  1. Pain while ejaculation
A painful ejaculation is a result of inflammation or an infection in epididymis- tube located near testicles which stores and sends sperms, or an infection in prostate, urethra or seminal vesicles. A blockage in the ejaculatory duct can also be the reason for painful ejaculation. Doctors state that massaging the prostate will reduce the inflammation which will make the ejaculation little less painful. It has been reported that one of the other potent reasons for painful ejaculation is tightened pelvic floor muscles which are again caused by inflammation/ infection in the prostate. In this case, the manual massage can further worsen the ejaculatory pain and hence it is essential to go for a specialist to do the massage for you. You can also take resort to therapists who expertise in treating pelvic floor muscles.
  1. Prostatitis
Prostatitis is the medical condition wherein there is inflammation in prostate gland probably caused by bacterial infection. There are several symptoms of Prostatitis like ejaculatory pain, burning sensation while urination, change in urine stream and unusual feeling in the perineum. While there is no scientific evidence to prove that prostate massage can help in treating prostatitis, there are several Doctors using the technique and getting positive results. A Doctor shared that he has witnessed positive results in 5% of his prostatitis patients. When it works for a specific patient the results start appearing quite soon and it is better than other forms of treatment for that patient. While this is a relatively newer concept, you can explore and research before opting for it. It can definitely help patients who do it in a proper way and under the supervision of therapists. Read more on sexual health, marriage and relationship tips on our site. Feel free to write for any queries or suggestions; we would be glad to help. Stay informed and keep learning!

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