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Our Story

Our Story


The foundation stone of 91 years of golden heritage was laid down by his Grandfather Honorable Rajyavaidya Pt. Chandrasen Jain, who was a renowned Sanskritacharya & Ayurvedagya of the 20th century.

He had treated not only the greatest royal families but also the deprived sections of the society. He was the one who envisioned the core ideology of providing a better & happier life to the citizens. Following the legacy, his son Rajyavaidya Dr. Chandra Kumar Jain had become the Medical Officer with SBI, and took his legacy to another level by practicing Ayurveda for the wellness of the society.

By the virtue of his keen insight, he entered the most challenging & less talked about forte of medicinal practices. Being an extremely dynamic personality, Dr. Kusum Laxmi Jain, Mother of Dr. A. K. Jain had served individuals of all strata of the society. She has given her best on both personal & professional fronts.

With sheer dedication Mrs. Neelam Jain wife of Dr. A. K. Jain is also contributing to the Industry with her keen instinct & an eye for details, she is galvanizing the Research & Production wings of the Pharmaceutical Production unit (License No. A –627/80).

Motivation and Early Life

Born in a rented house, Dr. A. K. Jain spent most of his childhood with his grandfather learning lessons of Sanskrit. In view of these lessons, he developed interest for this discipline and completed Graduation from Lucknow University.

He is a 1983 batch Ayurvedacharya from Delhi and got registered under the “Board of Indian Medicine, UP” (Registration No. 34285). He was bestowed with an Affiliation from Royal Society of Health(ARSH) London. During the initial days of his profound career, he helped his father in various research works and came up with a product ‘Gasoleen’ which has been thriving in market since then.

Dr. A. K. Jain along with his father Rajyavaidya Dr. Chandra Kumar Jain who was awarded with an honorary title of ‘Best Citizen of India had worked to eradicate the social taboo of long term ailments by redefining the ancient art of Ayurveda in the light of high-end techniques and treatment to relieve people from their health related issues.

Goal & Career Amalgamation

Since its inception, Dr. A. K. Jain Clinic is revolutionizing the Healthcare & Wellness Industry with its Futuristic and Practical Outlook. The clinic is running under the paradigm of Ayurvedic concepts amalgamated with advanced modern medical practices to ensure maximum satisfaction attained with the results of their naturopathic wellness approach.

By using revolutionizing Nano-Technology in Medicine with inculcation of Ras Bhasm & Rasayan in his daily practices, he tries to redefine the concept of modern medicine by adopting new remedial therapies & procedures.

Amalgamating the modern therapeutic techniques with traditional ayurvedic medicines, Dr. A. K. Jain provides high-end medications with customized approach for patients both at National and International platform. He is performing analyses in his Research & Development Centre for more than 9 decades to give excellent results above all.

Contribution for Wellness

Progressing on the journey to relieve people with their pains & stress in life & helping them in achieving a satisfying life, Dr. A. K. Jain has significantly contributed to social, cultural, educational & economic aspects along with the establishment of remarkable standards in the domain of Ayurveda & Wellness practices at national & international fronts. Disturbances emerging out of fast life are real dangers that are causing obstacles between our present & future.

Growing lifestyle disorders are becoming a challenge that manipulates our Intellect, Mental State & Daily Routines. Various states of mind like Krodh (anger), Maan (Pride), Ghamand (Arrogance), Maya (Manipulation) & Lobh (Greed) are the main causes that need to be dealt with on an immediate basis for a better & healthy perspective of youth.

By entrusting the citizens with a healthy & skilled mindset while edifying their knowledge & interests, Dr. A. K. Jain envisioned a healthier nation by actualizing his ideology of Swastha & Samarth Yuva Bharat.

Driven by an aspiration to promote Ayurveda on a global front, Dr. A. K. Jain went on various exploratory research visits in different countries like USA (2007) & South East Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (2015). His visits have yielded results for his tremendous efforts to learn and identify the scope of Ayurveda in vision to popularize Ayurvedic medical practices in those countries.


Got registered under the “Board of Indian Medicine, UP Bestowed with an Affiliation from Royal Society of Health (ARSH) London Certificate of Ayurvedacharya presented to Dr. A. K. Jain from Nikhil Bharatvarshiya Ayurveda Vidyapitham, Delhi in year 1983


Dr. A. K. Jain affiliated from Royal Society of Health (ARSH) London


International Gold Star Award for Excellence in field of Ayurveda by Honorable M.P. Shri Taranath Ranabhatt at Kathmandu Royal Nepal.


Internatonal Achievers Award presented to Dr. A. K. Jain for outstanding achievments & contribution by H.E. Korn Dabbaransi former Deputy Prime Minster of Thailand


Being Noted by Brand Impact – (A series on ZEE Business) for his impeccable success journey and received appreciation for being the “Best Sexologist in India” by Mr. Pahlaj Nihlani & Mr. Shekhar Suman in Mumbai


Champions of the Change Award by Honorable Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu.