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Taniya Gupta

Dr A.K Jain sir is not just a great doctor but a great human too. I have been there a couple of days before due to some problems I have faced and after his examination, it turns out that it is only in my head, he could have gone for money by just telling me that I got some problem but he made assure you are not just fine but doing great.


Neha Kapoor

One thing from our experience we can share unique quality of Dr A.K Jain that's why he is one of top sexologist Doctor in lucknow or India He is very kind hearted person never focus on money. He only focused on how your problem can be resolved.. Great knowledge or awesome heart of doctor helped us to save our married life ❣️ which was almost broken marriage .. Thanks from depth of heart Doctor 🙏


Suresh Chandra

At the very early time of my marriage life, my wife was unable to conceive a baby. We were depressed and worried as it was not clear where the problem is. After searching a lot over internet , we both went to Dr. A.K Jain for the treatment and after 3 months of regular treatment and some lifestyle changes my wife conceived a baby. We are very thankful to Dr. A.K Jain for bringing back the happiness in our lives.


Ishan Ruhela

I was referred to Dr A.K Jain from a urologist doctor who was unable to diagnose the cause of my problem. I researched more and found a lot of info from google and other doctor portals. I was surprised to see a doctor with such a success rate. Eventually i met Dr A.K Jain and i understood everything. He treated me and after 3 months i was completely cured.


Udit Kumar

Visited in mid last year for a serious ED disorder. The doctor is very humble as compared to other senior doctors I have met in the past. I took the linear shock wave therapy which gave drastic results in 2 weeks. Definitely recommended!


Kaustav Arnab

I was suffering from these problems for such a long time, with losing hope gradually. My relationship was suffering with no hope no where. A friend of mine suggested me Dr A K Jain Clinic. Once I visited, life changed & Dr A K Jain, was the changer. Not only did he counsel my confidence , by following his guidelines and treatment, step by step, I got cured of all the problems, I had. The entire medical team, counselors , clinic staff were so caring, affectionate and friendly, it was a sure blissful experience. Thank you Dr A K Jain & team, a million times .You changed my life. I am forever grateful.


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#Frequently asked questions

Who are Sexologist Doctors?
Sexologist doctors are specialized in diagnosing and providing treatments for sexual disorders. So, if you are having trouble with your intimate life or if are facing a any kind of sexual problems, you should immediately visit a sexologist.
How to identify a good Sexologist?
To determine if a doctor is a good sexologist, the doctor should have a relevant degree and should be a legitimate medical practitioner.
Why should one take Ayurvedic medications for sexual disorders?
Ayurvedic treatments offer long-lasting solutions to sexual problems without any side effects. These medications are natural methods of treatment and target the root cause of the issue. Both immunity and mental state play a crucial role in a person’s intimate life. Ayurveda addresses both these aspects and removes the core issue permanently.
Are Ayurvedic medicines effective against Sexual Problems?
Ayurvedic medicines for sex are definitely effective. Ayurveda offers treatment for a majority of male sex problems. Some of them include Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low Sperm Count, Tight Foreskin, etc.
How common is Sexual Disorders?
According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 43% of men and 31% women report to have atleast one symptom of sexual dysfunction.
How long does the consultation usually lasts?
Consultation period varies from person to person based on many factors like severeness of the problems, time-duration since the first symptoms became visible, etc.
Who pays for return postage?
If you are returning an unsuitable item for a refund we will refund the cost of the item only and not the original delivery cost.Should you be returning a faulty item for a refund we will refund both the original shipping costs and the return delivery costs.
What are the Sexual problems that you provide treatment for?
These are some of the Sexual Problems that we provide treatment for. Low Sperm Count Sexually Transmitted Infections Premature Ejaculation Erectile Dysfunction Infertility Sexually Transmitted Diseases Tight Foreskin or Phimosis
How long does it take to cure Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction?
The severeness of the disease varies from person to person. Until and unless the doctor has diagnosed the root cause, it is not possible to answer that.