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Is penis enlargement surgery worth endangering your precious life?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Is penis enlargement surgery worth endangering your precious life?
Penile length has always been a matter of concern for men. It is a matter of pride for them to have a well-endowed penis. They associate it with masculinity and performance in bed, wrongly so! No man wishes to have a small penis let alone accept they have one! They live in a state of denial and negative body image always looking for ways to enhance the size of their organ. Those false glossy advertisements fascinate them and they fall prey to fake claims. Somehow it’s their false perception about penile length which is to be blamed for all this fuss. Men believe that having a large penis is just to satisfy a woman in bed and a small penis leaves women dissatisfied wanting for more. However, that’s a myth! A lot depends on your lovemaking techniques, right kind of stimulation and foreplay which helps a woman orgasm. Having a well-endowed penis is not the only prerequisite of satisfying a woman. Otherwise, women with well-endowed partners would have never complained about orgasms! It has been observed that no medicine or so-called penis enlargement exercise can work wonders for the length! It only decreases your self-confidence and makes you feel insecure. Men, who are still not done abusing their penis with harmful exercises and useless medicines, push the envelope further by deciding to go under the knife. That certainly is a drastic measure for something which is just in their mind and not even relevant to women. It recently came into picture how a Swedish man lost his life while getting operated for penis enlargement surgery. Usually, during the enlargement surgery, the suspensory ligament running from pubic bone towards shaft is cut which makes the penis dangle little further. It gives the illusion of a larger penis when in the flaccid state. It is followed by liposuction wherein surgeons transfer the fat into the shaft which further increases the girth of the penis. The surgery is not advisable as the results are not that impressive while the risks are higher. If the penis is elongated prior to the fat injection, there are chances of a person losing his life, which is what happened with the Swedish man who was otherwise reported to be healthy. It has been said that the fat which was injected into the shaft ventured to his lungs through blood. It clogged the small blood vessels depriving the body of oxygen. This caused sudden death due to fat embolism. Fat embolism is a state where fat clogs the blood vessels and obstructs the blood flow. The pertinent question is- if the procedure was so risky and wouldn’t have even given him larger erections, why take the risk? The only answer is negative body image! False perceptions regarding masculinity and women orgasm create the anxiety in men making them conscious about their penile length. But women never give a damn about the size. It’s your insecurity and fear which makes you anxious in bed and creates unnecessary performance pressure. You have been trying to escape sexual encounters to avoid exposing your small penis to women and prevent an embarrassing situation. But it only caused you hurt. The actual struggle is mental and not physical. Stop considering small penile length as a sign of disability. You need to fight your inner complexes. It’s only when you accept your real self is when others will (your partner in this case). A woman who truly loves you will never care about the length of your penis. Would you care about the size of her breast if you loved her truly? It’s all in your mind. Several studies have established that sex is more of a brain activity than physical. If you feel sexy, you act sexy. If it wasn’t our brains, how would fantasies help in satisfying people? Bottom line is, stop wasting time on something which is not even worth it, let alone risking your life. The small penis will never stop you from having a great sex life and your Miss perfect will never make you feel ashamed of it. If she does, it’s time to move on! Time to accept yourself and be confident in your own skin. If you want counselling, don’t hesitate to ask. Just comment down below or email me. We believe in 100% privacy.

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