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How you can last longer in bed!

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
How you can last longer in bed!
It is quite common to find people who are not satisfied with the time they spend making love. A lot of couples can be seen complaining about the duration of intercourse. Several studies are conducted in this regard to determine how long couples have sex. The duration varies depending on a lot of factors. However, the average time for which the couples have sex is found to be somewhere between 12 to 19 minutes. The figure is highly debatable since it does not clarify whether the duration includes foreplay or just the intercourse. The duration of intercourse depends on many factors such as stamina, length of foreplay and male sexual issues. On an average penile sex can happen only for 5-7 minutes. So there are chances that the rest of the time is dedicated towards foreplay. It is also to be noted that the duration of intercourse can be less for some people if they are suffering from erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue. Other factors which affect the duration of intercourse were the use of the condom, not- circumcised penis, and country of origin. Among the other factors is the age. The Older couple tends to have sex for a shorter duration. The studies also established that as many as 75% of the men experience orgasm every time they had sex while only 28% of women were found to orgasm during penetration sex. However, the instances of both partners climaxing together were quite rare. It happens because women take time to climax as compared to men which many times leave women even without an orgasm! For couples where women find it difficult to orgasm, it is recommended to involve in plenty of foreplay and try various techniques. Men can focus on directly hitting the G-spot while penetration which happens at 27 degrees. Other techniques can be oral sex and usage of sex toys to name a few. However, the couple can themselves explore and find out what works best for them. Not to forget these techniques might also help in increasing the duration of intercourse. If you are not satisfied with the time you spend between the sheets, here are few tips which will help you last longer in bed:


If the men desire to last longer they should masturbate beforehand so that the excitement is satisfied. If you are having sex without masturbating it is as good as going to bed with a loaded gun which fires soon with subtle stimulation. Ejaculating 2-3 hours prior to sex will help you last longer since you have experienced the orgasm once. This time across the arousal can be built with slow and erotic foreplay.


It has been said umpteen times and it stands true to the T that foreplay helps in having sex for a longer duration. It ultimately depends on your perception of sex. If you only consider penile penetration as sex you need to have a broader view. Apart from penetration, sex also includes a lot of hugging, kissing and cuddling. Oral stimulation is also a part of sex. Hence, engaging in these activities not only help in building the sexual tension but also last longer in bed.


When the couple has been together for a long time, things become predictable and monotonous thereby making you come sooner. Newer positions, touches, and stimulations increase the anticipation which keeps him aroused for a longer time. New sensations will keep him distracted.


Everyone has a point just before ejaculation from where they can’t return back or stop themselves from having an orgasm. Edging will help him train his body to delay the point of ejaculation and he will be able to spend more time at this edge. All you need to do is stop him just before the ejaculation and make him wait for a minute or so before going back to the job.


There are many tried and tested exercise which can help in delaying ejaculation in men. Exercises such as pilates and kegels along with Yoga will help in strengthening the muscles of pelvic floor which will further help him in controlling his orgasm. Use these techniques to last longer in bed. You will not only satisfy your partner in this way but you will also feel more satisfied. Sex is way to pleasure your body and mind, if you wind up only in a few minutes you end up losing connection and intimacy with your partner. This can affect your sex life in the long run. So it’s better to experiment earlier than repenting later. If you have any other sex or marriage related issue don’t forget to comment or email me. I will surely try to solve all your doubts. Till then stay healthy stay happy.

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