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Can excessive masturbation cause erectile dysfunction in men?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Can excessive masturbation cause erectile dysfunction in men?
Masturbation is a perfectly normal activity which is considered healthy for men. Men are habituated to masturbate at frequent intervals as it is also their biological need. Regular masturbation helps in reducing stress, anxiety and restores immunity in men. It is also said to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in middle-aged men. However, according to recent studies expert says, pieces of evidence prove that excessive masturbation due to freely available porn is leading to some serious health issues like erectile dysfunction. Medical experts are of opinion that masturbation is a type of addiction in some men which is sometimes worsened by porn. While watching porn brain experiences a surge of dopamine flow but with the passage of time the receptors in the brain which were once sensitive lose their sensitivity up to some extent. As a result, the usual physical activity with their partner does not lead to enough production of dopamine for stimulating the receptors. Many men would agree to the fact that over a period of time normal porn does not stimulate or arouse them. They need hardcore and graphic content to stimulate their senses. If the similar trend continues for long, men find it difficult to get an erection or hold it long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse. Apart from that porn-induced anxiety is also one of the reasons which lead to erectile dysfunction. Porn creates performance anxiety on psychological as well as biological level. Men who are addicted to watching porn can develop serious self-conscious issues. It can make a person feel anxious, frustrated, irritable and sleepless. It can also negatively affect the relationship. There is no specific number which can be considered as excessive masturbation. Even daily masturbation can’t be considered too much provided it doesn’t affect your normal routine, work or sex life. In some men, the issue is quite different. They apply a certain pressure while masturbating which makes their brain adapt to a certain type of touch. When the penis does not get that level of pressure while penetrating, it leads to an inability to hold an erection for long. While watching porn the brain gets conditioned to particular kind of stimulus for reaching an orgasm. Men might not be able to create the same type of stimulus with their partner which causes issues in sex life. Porn also gives unrealistic expectations and fantasies about sex which creates anxiety. Experts say that boredom and anxiety are the root cause of erectile dysfunction but more often than not porn gets blamed! There are no significant studies which can prove that porn leads to any type of sexual dysfunction. If you are facing a problem with erection, the solution is quite simple! You need to stop watching porn and refrain from masturbating too frequently. It is said that once you control the addiction, the brain will rewire itself to the normal dopamine sensitivity within a time span of 6-12 weeks. The duration can vary from person to person. While some people achieve this physiological equilibrium quite quick, for others it might take some time. But time is the only key to achieve this equilibrium and one needs to be patient with himself in the process. It is highly likely that men experience low libido during the recovery phase but experts suggest that the phase is temporary and will pass eventually. The key to fast recovery is being responsible for their sex life and practicing utmost control for their own benefit. However, if at all you fail to resist the urge, it’s ok. No need to be disappointed as no one is a complete saint! Also, people need to understand the most important aspect of the porn-induced erectile dysfunction. There is no direct relation between pornography and erectile dysfunction. The real culprit is excessive masturbation! Pornography is a related causative factor which leads to excessive masturbation which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction. Hence, it can be resolved with determination and practising self-control. Sometimes the underlying reason for erectile dysfunction can be any medical condition like cardiac issues, diabetes or any medication. Consulting a urologist or a sex therapist can help in resolving the situation. Porn affects each guy in a different manner but there is no concrete theory which can establish that porn leads to erectile dysfunction. But concerning erectile dysfunction, it can be treated nowadays that too, naturally. It is important for you to seek a professional help. Visit a good sexologist who will help you get over ED as well as a therapist can put your porn addiction at bay. What is important to know is natural methods of treatment are available and that you shouldn’t blindly trust over the counter medications! If you need any sex and health-related help, do comment down below or email me. I'll surely try my best to clear your doubts. We believe in 100% privacy.
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