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Are you fascinated with the idea of unprotected sex?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Are you fascinated with the idea of unprotected sex?
Sex is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. It plays an important role in bringing two people close. Such is the magic of sex that it makes people feel vulnerable and empowered at the same time. Apart from emotional bonding, sex also offers a host of health benefits. No wonder why experts recommend indulging in frequent sexual activity. After all, it’s key to a happy and healthy relationship. With the passage of time, the awareness among people has increased leading to more and more people opting for protected or safe sex. However, many people complain about how safe sex is not-so-sexy for them! A huge chunk of people love to do it bareback for various reasons. Men and women both have different reasons for loving the bareback activity. For some, it might be lack of awareness but for others, it is a conscious choice.

Why people like it bareback

Many men have shared their experience of both bareback and having safe sex. Most men have confessed that they found the bareback sex more pleasurable citing the reason that since there is no barrier in between, they get more stimulation. The direct contact excites them more and helps in achieving satisfactory orgasms. Few men also stated the emotional reason that while ejaculating inside of her they feel as if they gave a part of them to their partner which makes them grow closer. Several surveys have stated that not only men but women too love the experience of going bareback. The same reason of enhanced stimulation by direct contact of the sex organs was cited by women. From an emotional point of view, women felt more close and vulnerable to their partners since there was a feeling of letting him inside of her, being one with him! Bareback sure makes the couple feel closer; as close as two people can get but there are many disadvantages of unsafe sex which people certainly need to reconsider. There is lack of awareness or casual approach towards unsafe sex which is alarming. A survey conducted in U.S.A and Europe on 2000 people stated that 29% of them agreed of practicing unsafe sex and only 19% of them worried about unwanted pregnancy. Here are few disadvantages of having unprotected sex:


The first and major concern of having unsafe sex is the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Not every couple is ready from day 1 to have a child. Planning a child brings along a lot of responsibilities! Both the partners need to be prepared both mentally and physically for rearing a child. Also, the finances need to be in check. Unplanned pregnancy causes huge stress and abortion comes with emotional trauma, especially for women.


This is yet another alarming situation faced by society. Teenagers and youth indulge in physical activity for fun, out of curiosity or peer pressure. These days’ losing virginity is a matter of pride. Often these people are ignorant about the safe ways of having sex and end up with unwanted pregnancies. Every year we witness so many cases of teenage pregnancies followed by traumatic abortions. Young ladies who are unmarried also go through the same stress of unwanted pregnancy and abortion if they engage in unsafe sex.


You are at a lesser risk of STD if you are in monogamous relationships but considering the present dynamics of relationships, it is highly unlikely to find a partner who has had just one relationship. People have multiple relationships before getting married and it’s common to get physical while being in a relationship. In that case, it is important to use a condom in order to prevent the risk of STD. Even if you are taking other forms of contraception, a condom is a must to prevent STD.


You might not be practising unprotected sex and taking resort to other forms of contraception. But in case if it fails, it’s better to have a plan B than feeling sorry for rest of your lives. Condoms are said to be effective 99% of the time in preventing conception. No matter how much of a connection you feel when you go bareback it’s extremely unsafe to have unprotected sex. Leave alone unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases will ruin your life altogether. So no matter how enticing it looks we advise you to use protection always. And if you’ve had unprotected sex you should immediately consult a doctor. For more sex and marriage-related issues do check out our other blogs. If you need any help just comment down below or email me. 100% privacy kept.

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