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Sexual Fantasies have a whole different meaning in a Man’s Life.

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Sexual Fantasies have a whole different meaning in a Man’s Life.
Haven’t we all heard that men are visual creatures? The way pornographic sites and erotic magazines excite them speaks a lot about their psychology. A survey conducted on the pornographic magazines established that 90% of the magazines were directed towards heterosexual men. The remaining few magazines were for homosexual men and the leftover magazines were directed towards lesbian women. Though the explicit material like porn videos and erotic magazines are tagged as ‘Adult’, they are never for unisex consumption. Most of their admirers or consumers are only men. Barring few exceptions, most of the women never ever engage in them. The survey further stated that minor and women are disgusted by these explicit materials and even offended in some instances. The reason why women never enjoy pornographic stuff is that women are portrayed as sex objects in these videos who are at the dispose of men for sexual gratification. Women need emotions and feelings to get sexually excited and the mere sight of erotic stuff can never get them in the mood for sex. Porn videos have nothing to do with emotions and most of them are directed only towards the release of sexual tension with random strangers. Incest is also something which women hate about porn videos. In a society where sex has often been considered as taboo, women are not as exposed to sexuality as men are! It is somehow hard-wired in our minds that sex is a basic process designed by nature for the purpose of reproduction. Women seldom give importance to their sexual needs. To make the matters worse, if she has had a regressive upbringing and orthodox surroundings, lack of sex education never ever enables them to even realize and acknowledge their sexual needs let alone talk about any fantasy. Having a fantasy about the adventurous sexual encounter is a taboo or sin for them as they are supposed to surrender them only to their husbands, even in fantasies! Nature has designed men in such a way that it is easy for them to get aroused. Almost all men have a secret stash of porn videos or a way to have an easy access to them. Men are addicted to porn since they need something which can arouse them and help in releasing sexual tension if they are single/bachelor. Porn assists in satisfying the sexual urge. Several surveys conducted on healthy adults show that while younger men are satisfied with masturbation, adults feel the need for real action after a certain point of time. Young men even masturbate twice or thrice a day but after some time they feel the urge to have a sexual encounter with women. Nature has designed them that way. If men were content with just masturbation, the human race would extinct soon! Thrusting/ stroking during penetrative sex is a more satisfying way of releasing sexual tension in comparison to masturbation since nature has designed us like that! Yet another study establishes the fact that, for men, the just visual treat is not enough to reach an orgasm. They can’t climax simply looking at the female in porn videos or erotic magazine. Men also need to imagine and fantasize what they would like to do with that female. As far as the physical aspect of sex is concerned, the vagina can’t give penis a tight grip that hand offers while masturbation, however, it still offers a wet slippery stimulation which offers them incredible pleasure. For couples who are newly married or in a new relationship, it’s obvious they will not be able to keep their hands off each other. Men are hugely attracted towards the new partner and it’s easy for them to be aroused and orgasm. But when the relationship grows old, the excitement dies and things become monotonous between the sheets. That’s where fantasies come to rescue. For men, it is very easy to transform their fantasies into imagination while having sex with their partner. But it doesn’t work that way for women. They need to feel loved, admired and desired by their partner to feel sexy. It is arousing for women to see how badly their partner wants to touch her and have sex with her. Women get aroused by things which are being done to them while sex. Men and women are different beings and they function differently. So it's pretty obvious what sex means to a man will not mean the same to a woman. Want to know more about topics related to marriage, sex and relationship? Keep reading. For any queries and suggestions do write to us. We would be glad to help. Stay healthy and keep learning!

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