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How You Can Avoid Penis Injuries!

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
How You Can Avoid Penis Injuries!
A penis is the most important sexual organ in men and it is his responsibility to take proper care of the little member. By taking care we are not talking about grooming but injuries. When a man’s penis gets injured it is something which should not be taken lightly at any cost. Considering the importance and function of the penis, even the slightest injury can damage it. An injured penis means no sex which is yet another concern. It is mandatory to address the injury and get it treated by Doctor. If left untreated it can lead to serious long-term damage which may or may not be curable and you would certainly not want to risk the health of your penis! Since ages we have been listening that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it applies to penis health as well. It’s better to be careful with your manhood than treating it once the damage has been done. These tips will help in preventing your penis from getting injured:
  1. Watchful of the angle
We all have heard the stories of how guys broke their penis. No matter how cringe-inducing it may sound, the breaking of a penis is true. Though it is to be noted that the terminology used is not correct since the penis has no bone and hence it can’t be broken, it does give an idea about the situation. The breaking of penis most commonly occurs when the penis in its erect position bangs against something hard that too at a wrong angle. It can also happen while penetration. If the guy is unaware of the angle and he thrusts inside the vagina very hard, he might hit the pelvic bone of woman. If you hear a popping sound, soon you will feel an excruciating pain. No matter how expert you are in bed, if your angle of penetration was not correct, it can cost you badly!
  1. Wearing a Cup
Most of the men turn off to the idea of wearing a cup but they are essential for people who are engaged in any kind of sports. The athletic supporter is designed for men so that the little member inside does not move around too much. The other significant use of athletic supporter is to prevent the penis from injury. While playing games the penis is prone to injury which can even cause serious damage. So men even if you feel some discomfort while wearing the supporter, endure it for the sake of your penis.
  1. Enough lubrication
Though women are the one who often asks for lubrication to avoid pain and friction during vaginal sex, if the woman is too dry for him, even men can ask for the favor! Leave the apprehensions aside and apply some lube before penetration. This also applies to masturbation. If the friction is way too hard on your member, there are chances of the peripheral nerve damage and loss of sensation on the penis both of which will have a negative impact on your sex life.
  1. Careful while going nude
If you are comfortable with nudity go ahead. It’s just that you need to be watchful of any possible dangers to your little member. If you are planning to visit a clothing optional beach, make sure you invest in a good sunscreen and apply generously on your sensitive penis skin. Even after applying sunscreen don’t let it hang out for too long. If you are at some nudist resort, your penis will be prone to irritants or allergies so be careful and stay away from such places.
  1. Zipper
For guys, it’s a routine task to zipping and unzip many times a day, however, still at times due to lack of attention or hurry the penis gets caught in the teeth of the zipper. If you have experienced it ever, you know how painful it is! No matter how late you are, take few extra seconds while zipping so that you don’t hurt your buddy. Even after the precautions if your penis meets with an injury, immediately consult your GP and get it treated. He might prescribe a medicine or crème based on your condition. But never ever leave it untreated. Read more on our site for blogs related to sex, marriage, and relationship. Feel free and write us about any queries or suggestions; we would be glad to help. Stay informed and keep learning!

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