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Why Some Women Make So Much Noise During Sex?

By :Dr A K JAIN 0 comments
Why Some Women Make So Much Noise During Sex?

The biggest myth for men has been the “Big O,” also known as the female orgasm. The orgasm in a woman has been a mystery to men for ages. At times, the male partner might be confused with how to get his lover to reach heights of heaven. Women moaning during sex might be a turn-on for many men, but some get worried if they are hurting their partner during the lovemaking act.

With so much access to visual media, the majority of men stay misinformed by movies and pornography. Nothing could be farther from the truth as to why women moan while making love to their partners. We will help you understand as to why women make noise during sex.

A Brief Idea

When between the sheets with their partners, women tend to moan a lot. Some do so during intercourse, some during oral, and at times during anal. Some lie silently, while some shout on top of their lungs. If you have seen erotica, then you might have noticed the woman increasing her moaning as their partner goes down on them.

Why Some Women Make So Much Noise During Sex

Although some men might feel good as the moaning provides them the proof of their sexual prowess, the picture is not always accurate. We all know that no two women are the same; hence, they might moan for different reasons during the act of lovemaking.

Why Do Women Make So Much Noise During Sex?

During sex, many senses inside a woman’s body get activated. The moaning provides the sexual act a specific rhythm. In case, you heard a woman moaning next door, chances are you would be a litter turned on too. So, is she making all those noises because of the hot sex? Let us find out.

It Turns Him On

The first reason why women moan during intercourse is that it turns their partners on; in short, it makes them hard. In case the man is not ready for the act, the moans of the women would get him in the mood. Men have confessed that the sound of their women during foreplay turns them on, even if they are not in the right mood. If you want to know more, we recommend that you search for the best sexologist in Lucknow to get it going.

Why Do Women Make So Much Noise During Sex To Get It Over With

At times, men are in the mood for some action while women are not. In such a scenario, the women moan to excite her partner, which makes them orgasm in a short time. At times, women also moan because the sex might get too exhausting, and they need it to end early. It works until the men realize that she is faking it to get the act over, which pinches them.

For Slowing It Down

During sex, when the male partner hears the soft moaning of his other half, he knows that he is doing the right thing. The moaning gives him an idea that they need to spend more time in the act rather than hurry. It also lets the women stay in control, and know when their partner is about to orgasm. The sounds can help a couple have a great sex life.

To Change the Rhythm of Sex

To make a man know whether he is doing the right thing or not, the woman is moaning helps a lot. It provides them control over the rhythm of sex in the bedroom. In case, the woman moans softly while the male partner is into the act, then he continues doing it. Similarly, he would get the idea that something is wrong if the woman is moaning painfully.

Why Do Women Make So Much Noise During Sex Out of Pleasure

Moaning is your woman’s response to the pleasure she receives while you are kissing her neck, back, or going down on her. As she will approach her orgasm, she will feel intense pleasure and moan in ecstasy.

To Please Her Partner

Women know that their moaning makes their partners feel happy and pleased during the act. The male partner feels masculine when he gets his women to feel pleasure under his embrace. Soft moans of the woman give him an idea that what he is doing is right, and he works more to get her to orgasm. In short, sex becomes more exciting for men when women moan with pleasure, as it is a sign of good sex.

To Turn off the Brain, and Focus on Sex

We all have hectic lifestyles, and at times are not ready for sex. With so many things running in the mind, it is hard for men to focus on the act. The soft moaning of the women can make them forget their daily grind and concentrate on lovemaking.

Silent Sex is Boring

Have you ever thought about having sex with a dead body? The very thought will disgust any person. That is what would feel like when none of the partners is excited during the act. It is here that women lead with their moans and screams to make her partner excited about sex. In short, reaching the climax silently would be a total mood killer for both the partners.

sex blogs Automatic Response to Pain

Moaning is also the women’s automatic response to any pain or discomfort felt during the act. During the heat of the action, if her partner does something that makes her uncomfortable, then a loud moan would let them know about it.

It Helps Women Feel More Aroused

Apart from turning men on in the bedroom, moaning also helps women in experiencing pleasure. It is an excellent way for her to convey to her partner about what feels good, and what does not. Moaning helps women in de-stressing and experiencing intercourse to their fullest. At times, some women need to be vocal during sex to achieve an orgasm.

Sex Becomes Hot

No one can deny the fact that once women start to moan in bed, the male partner excitement goes up tremendously. She moans not only to set the rhythm of the action, she moans to take control, she moans to let him know that he is doing good or not.

Equal Participation

There will be times when the one partner is much more into what is happening in the bedroom that the other. The moans of women are a clear indication that her male partner is present in the moment.

sex articles Summing Up

Thus, these are the reasons as to why women moan when having sex. If you want to spice up your bedroom life, then we suggest having a sexologist free online consultation with a reputed medical professional.

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