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Kamasutra Sex Positions - Do They Actually Work?

By :Dr A K JAIN 0 comments
Kamasutra Sex Positions - Do They Actually Work?

Having a fulfilling and satisfactory sex life is a dream of every individual. There is a taboo that restricts people to talk about “Sex,” in public. But that should not be the case! A little knowledge is never wasted; it will only make you become better at everything. The idea is not just to have sex, but how to get pleasure while doing it.

kamasutra sex positions

And, when it is about making the most of your mating session, how can one overlook the power of Kamasutra. It is a blend of your physical capabilities and the intimate connection with your partner. While Kamasutra promises to change your sex life for good, do they actually work? Hear it straight from the best sexologist in India.

1. The Rocking Horse

If a man likes giving his lady love the charge, this position is worth trying. A man would just have to sit cross-legged on the floor with his arms on the backside to support his entire weight. The woman would sit on the man while moving to and fro to feel and give pleasure. This position is best tried on hard wooden surfaces and is known to give the woman control over speed that her body allows her.

Does it work?

It is a position that demands more of woman power and endurance. If a woman gets tired anywhere in between, it is the man who needs to be more of understanding. The man could hold her thighs in this case and help her make a move by gently rocking her up and down. If at any point, you feel that you can’t take it or your partner’s expressions say otherwise; stop right there!

2. The Slide Style This is the easiest of positions to try. No yoga poses and no over-stretching; just a simple give and take of pleasure. The man would be lying down straight with the woman on the top with both feeling each other to the core. It is face to face position, where you both can indulge in a great kissing session too, along with looking passionately into each other’s eyes. As both the bodies would be pressed against each other, the pleasure would add up instantaneously. kamasutra sex positions Does It Work? Yes, it definitely works. It is a position that is easy to implement without involving any pain or discomfort. You can easily try it for gaining pleasure and for giving pleasure. And, in case, a sexual problem is stopping you from having pleasing sex; consult a sexologist online for free consultation. 3. Splitting The Bamboo

If the depth of penetration is what you seek, trying “splitting the bamboo,” should be on your list. A woman lies on her back in this position with her maximum weight shifted onto one thigh. The next step would be to lift the other leg with minimal weight in the air. The man would place the leg in the air on his shoulder to support while synchronizing the two bodies that move in a rhythm. The best part for a woman could be when the man bites her on the ankle as it could arouse them to the core.

Does It Work?

For the women who practice yoga and are good with stretching and for men who like to go easy with women; this position works the best. But, if a woman is not that fit and stretching just seems impossible and for men who are just eager for their own pleasure; the position would not work. The idea is to understand each other’s bodily limitations before trying any new position.

4. The Clip

Some men like having sex with the woman’s back facing them. If that is what one wishes to try, “The clip” is a spot-on position. It is basically a woman on the top position, where the man and woman do not have to put much of the efforts. The man lies on the bed with his legs straight and together. Next, the woman needs to face her back towards the man’s face before sitting on the lingam, i.e., his penis. This is a perfect position that requires coordination from both sides. The man could grasp the thighs of the women to help her easily move to and fro.

kamasutra sex positions Does It Work?

It varies from an individual to an individual. The position demands some good thigh movement, and a woman needs to be fit enough to try it. If the man and the woman are clear about their sexual needs and understand each other, trying new positions is never that harmful. If you are not comfortable with the position, talk it out. Don’t let the whole pleasure go into ruins. And, if there is a need for any advise, feel free to look for sexologist online for free consultation.

5. The Crossed Keys

This one position may seem easy when you read through the procedure, but it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Here a woman needs to lie on her back with her buttocks positioned on the bed’s edge. Next, the woman would have to lift her legs in the air with her feet angled perpendicular, i.e., in the direction of the ceiling. Now, a woman would have to cross her legs while keeping them hanging in the air. The man, on the other hand, would come and try to penetrate her while holding her legs.

Does It Work?

Though the position offers much pleasure to the man, it might be a challenge for the woman. If a woman is some kind of gymnast and has a flexible body, there would be no problem at all. The idea is to respect a woman’s body without forcing her into something she does not like. If at any moment one feels discomfort, consulting the best sexologist in India should never be given a miss. They can help deal with every sexual problem that is stopping you from getting all the pleasure you deserve.

6. The Restroom Attendant

This may sound a little weird, but the name in itself is erotic. It is an exciting position where men and women love the little games they play. The adventure lies in the fact that the position can be tried anywhere; from your restroom to your kitchen. You could try this one if you both are always welcoming to trying and experimenting sex positions. When a woman is bent towards the restroom’s top or the kitchen’s top, the man would have to come from behind and just would have to penetrate when your woman least expects it.

kamasutra sex positions Does It Work?

Yet again, the pleasure or pain varies from couple to couple. Some women like it from behind while some find it super painful. Before indulging in any new sexual position, a couple needs to understand each other’s body and their respective desires. If a couple knows what would work for their partner and when to stop without being selfish, everything works out for good.

Wrapping Up

In India, there is a taboo around sex that stops them from speaking openly about the topic. In fact, women in India aren’t even able to communicate their sexual desires with the man in their life. But this shouldn’t be so! To reach the peak of pleasure, both the partners need to talk it out! On the other hand, if any sexual problem is bothering you or your partner; talk to the best sexologist in India. Never hesitate for consultation, if a simple help can offer you an opportunity to have a good sex life.

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