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What Should You Do If Your Erection Not Going Away?

By :Dr A K JAIN 0 comments
What Should You Do If Your Erection Not Going Away?
Most men are aware of erection issues and consider them as a natural part of aging. But what if you had a continuous erection that didn't go away? This issue is common in young guys who have erection troubles in the most inconvenient times. This post will look at the many causes of extended erections. If you want the best treatment, then search for a sexologist near me for the best sexologist doctor. Why won't your erection Not Go Away? A continuous erection that won't go away is a frequent problem during youth. Healthy erections, on the other hand, should not be painful, and the penis should not transform shape. When this happens, the patient may be suffering from priapism, a medical condition. What causes it? If you're having trouble getting a decent erection, examine the following psychological and physical factors:

Sexual arousal causes erections

Continuous erections are a typical result of sexual desire. Young males are more likely to experience it, although it may affect anybody. Even if you're not going to have sexual intercourse, it might be tough to control.

Viagra and other medications

We must ensure that no medication used to treat sexual dysfunction causes erection issues. Viagra and other PDE5 medications may cause continuous erections. The penis may not entirely recover to a flaccid condition even after ejaculating.

Peyronie's disease

The growth of fibrous tissue in the penis is a symptom of this condition. It is stiffer than the surrounding tissue and can cause changes in the penis' curvature. In addition, Peyronie disease can obstruct blood flow or produce penile stiffness on its own.

Sickle cell anaemia

This kind of anaemia is characterized by defective blood cells and can lead to heart disease and other medical complications. The production of blood clots in the blood arteries is one of the problems. They can cause blood retention in the penis by interfering with the circulation of the penis.


This uncontrollable and continuous penile erection does not respond to sexual stimulation and is not reduced by ejaculation. A vascular disorder of the corpora cavernosa is frequently the reason. As a result, the penis does not allow blood to flow out or receive excessive and inappropriate blood flow. How can you stop an erection? Take a cold shower It is one of the first suggestions you'll get, and it works. The blood flow to the skin and the penis is reduced at cold temperatures. Therefore, it will recover to its flaccid form if you do so. When cold water is available, it works better than cold room temperature, so taking a shower is an excellent alternative.


Try meditating

Meditation and breathing might help free your mind from the ideas that led to the erection. This approach is successful if you're getting a massage and don't want to cause any discomfort. You can concentrate on breathing and airflow into and out of your lungs. These approaches will calm you, and the erection will disappear after some time.

Look for a distraction

Divert attention yourself with other tasks and thoughts. It's possible that thinking about something else can assist you, but it will take some time.

Engage in light exercise

Physical movement, such as walking, modest jogging, or push-ups, can assist you in removing an erection. Exercise causes your blood flow to be redirected to your muscles. The erection will deteriorate if you don't have an active source of sexual stimulation.

Change your position

It is especially effective if you have anything stimulating your penis in your clothes or around you. The most common cause of spontaneous erections is undetected stimulation from your chair or clothing. Another advantage of changing positions is that your erection will be hidden. Blocking the artery Arterial embolization is a technique in which a doctor blocks the blood artery causing the issue. Best Sexologist Doctor in Lucknow occasionally prescribes it for priapism with a lot of flow.


Calm down and wait

Thinking about your erection may sometimes make it worse. Your mind will return to the source of the erection if you keep thinking about it, and the erection will be continued. As a result, if you try to reduce your worry, nature will respond, and the erection will eventually disappear. Read Here More About Best Sexologist Doctor in India.

Conclusion Erection is a normal and healthy sexual function, but it can sometimes be problematic. Most accidental erections, especially in young boys just beginning their sexual activity, are not medical emergencies. Psychological factors mainly cause them. Even if you don't have an active sex life, it can happen if you're on testosterone medication. Take steps like taking cold showers, diverting yourself, meditating, and doing mild exercise. If that doesn't work, or if you're experiencing severe symptoms like pain or color changes, then search for a sexologist near me for the best result.

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