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Yoga Poses for Erectile Dysfunction

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Yoga Poses for Erectile Dysfunction
Yoga is perhaps the most credible and effective way of nourishing and tanning the body in a holistic approach. Despite several types of workouts available today, Yogic asanas can help you cure multiple health issues. Yoga can not only help you calming your mind and getting a smooth tone for your body figure but can also help you overcome the problems in your sex life. The article discusses a common problem among men i.e. Erectile Dysfunction. We will focus on how to overcome this problem with the help of yoga. We will also discuss the yogic asanas that will help you get rid of this problem.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not capable of getting or holding an erection firmly enough and have sex. It is occasionally called impotence, but now much less this term is being used. ED is not uncommon from time to time. In stressful situations, many men experience the problem. That being said, frequent ED can be a leading cause of health problems requiring treatment. It could also be a symptom of emotional or relationship problems that a specialist may have to address. It is not necessarily a major worry to have erections problems from time to time. Nevertheless, erectile dysfunction can add anxiety, affect your personality and self-confidence, and ultimately contributes to sex problems. Problems with the erection or maintaining it may also be an indication of the underlying state of health that requires treatment and risk of heart disease. Treatment begins with your determination. So stay determined and follow the yogic kriyas mentioned in the article to overcome the problem. If no positive result comes out, consult a doctor, even if you are embarrassed, if you are worried about erectile dysfunction. Treating a basic condition sometimes is sufficient to invert erectile dysfunction.

How Can Yoga be Helpful

If you consider you don't achieve pleasant intimate relations in sexual matters like erectile dysfunction, after which you should do something about that. Yoga and exercises are effective in the removal of ED. Different types of yoga methodologies can significantly boost the low amount of testosterone– the hormone necessary to attain satisfactory sexual time. Thus yoga can be fruitful in this case. There are also other ways of curing the problem like taking medications and drugs but this option can result in severe side effects. On the other hand, yoga is completely free from the side effects and gives you a calm mind and potent body to overcome erectile dysfunction and have a pleasurable intimacy. Benefits of opting for yoga to cure ED
  • Calms your mind
  • Strengthens the body
  • No side effects
  • Guaranteed results

5 Yoga Poses for Erectile Dysfunction

Let us discuss 5 yogic poses that can help you get rid of ED or commonly known as impotence.
  • Kumbhakasana: Erectile Dysfunction is commonly known as impotence which means lack of potency while sexual intercourse. If you want to cure this problem and boost your stamina to enjoy sex completely then performing ‘Kumbhakasana’ can be of great help for you. Kumbhakasana is commonly known as the ‘plank pose’. This yogic pose helps you boost your stamina, endurance, and power. If you perform this asana regularly, you will notice changes in your stamina and will be able to perform well in times of sexual intercourse. You will also get strength and stamina in the upper body during physical intercourse. The asana can be performed any time of the day. One should maintain the posture for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds and can be extended a maximum of up to 60 seconds. The asana is beneficial in maintaining blood flow and strengthening the body.
  • Paschimottanasana: Pashimottasana mainly strengthens your perineal muscles. This results in boosted endurance and body strength. If performed regularly, the body becomes strong. Paschimottanasana helps maintain erectile rigidity. This asana is also known as ‘seated forward bend’ and is best among all the asanas to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction. The asana should be performed in the morning for at least 2 minutes and at most 3 to 4 minutes. The asana helps in relieving stress and calming the mind down. It also helps to tone the body posture if performed accurately.
  • Uttanpadasana: Uttanapadasana or the raised leg yogic asana can again be beneficial in overcoming ED. You take part in quads and gluten by performing Uttanpadasana, which has repeatedly been proven to ensure you maintain in missionary positions of intercourse longer. The asana also extends the psoas (muscles on each side of the lumbar spine in a man's body) and hip bending muscles (which enables you to flex your knees), which increase your endurance and increase the flow of blood into the pelvic area for the removal of erectile dysfunction. One should do this asana in the morning and evening. The minimum time to hold the posture is 15-20 seconds and the maximum time to hold the posture is 30 seconds. The asana helps in toning the cardiorespiratory system and also helps in marinating a good posture of the body.
  • Naukasana: This is also known as boat pose and encourages sex hormones. This yogic posture helps to fluidize energy efficiently and smoothly if you do not feel sexual desire. The hips, buttocks, and thigh muscles are strengthened which helps you maintain the posture while intercourse for a longer time and enjoy the sexual intercourse. This also helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and help you stay in bed longer and enjoy the pleasure of sex. The best time to perform this yoga is early morning. One should follow this asana regularly to notice the results. One can hold on to the posture for a maximum of 20 to 25 seconds and should maintain a minimum of 5 to 10 seconds to get results. Apart from treating the problem of erectile dysfunction, performing Naukasana can help to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also helps to improve the blood flow in the body.
  • Dhanurasana: Dhanurasana or the bow-pose helps greatly in overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. What you need to do is simply maintain the posture of a bow by bending your legs behind and holding them with the help of your hands. This pose not only strengthens your body but makes it easy for you to maintain a long tenure position while having sex in the bed. It also ensures that you do not lose stamina soon and boosts your endurance and hence, your desire to have sex. This is also helpful in premature ejaculation and prepares you for longer sex. The best time to perform this yoga is in the morning. One should stay in the position for at least 20 to 30 seconds and at most for 2 minutes to get satisfactory results.


Erectile Dysfunction is just a health issue that can be resolved by taking steps. One should never get ashamed of discussing the problem rather he should consult the doctor for the treatment. Consuming medicines to overcome the problem should be avoided as it can fetch side effects and adverse results. Yoga can be the best alternative to medications and drugs. If one follows the above-mentioned yogic postures, the person will see positive changes in himself.
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