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5 common sexual fears which make men perform low in bed

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
5 common sexual fears which make men perform low in bed
Almost all men brag about their lovemaking skills. It’s deep-rooted in their psychology. Men have always been associating sexual performance with manhood and therefore it becomes a matter of ego for them. When with a new partner, they like to blow their own trumpet in the quest to impress their partners about how good they are in bed. No matter how confident they try to portray themselves, it is a fact that most men have certain insecurities about their performance in bed. They might refuse to accept it and put forward a tough exterior but they are sure to experience some performance anxiety at some or other point in time. Here’s a look at some of the common sexual fears which affect their performance in bed:


Amongst all the sexual fears which men experience, the fear of impotency ranks on top. Several studies say that in most cases the fear of impotency in itself becomes the very reason for impotency. It has been observed that as many as 90% of the cases of impotence are psychologically induced and only 10% of the cases have biological issues. For men, there is no way they can control their sexual arousal or erection. It does not depend on their will. It just happens on its own in response to specific circumstances, situation or stimulation.


There was a time when women were quite regressive as far as their sexual needs were concerned. A woman who asked or demanded about sex was looked down and judged. With the passage of time, the psychology has changed. The alpha woman is verbal about her expectations and does not take no for an answer. She needs what she needs. Not that they are not understanding of their partner’s shortcomings but they certainly have become conscious of their needs. Women now refuse to get treated as mere sexual objects that have to live up to men’s expectations without getting anything in return. This creates a pressure on men. Men are aware of the women’s expectation which creates anxiety in them. They fear the consequences of not being able to satisfy their partner.


The Millennials are different in many ways than the older generation where people used to be with a single partner for a lifetime. In present times, people have learned not to be complacent with a relationship which they feel doesn’t make them happy anymore. Also, these days people feel they have ample options for a prospective partner. This has lead to insecurities and men are no exception to it. Many men constantly fear to lose their partners to a guy who is superior to them. Men who are possessive about their woman would never want to lose their woman to another guy. He feels that it might just be a matter of time when she cheats on him. This insecurity might be a result of his own shortcomings.


A significant portion of men suffers from premature ejaculation. It has been observed that the reasons for premature ejaculation are always psychologically induced in all ages. What makes the matter worse is the anxiety about the next performance. They constantly live under the fear of embarrassment they have to face during the next intercourse. The brain tries to command not to ejaculate but somehow due to emotional reasons the guy is not able to inhibit the ejaculation and comes sooner than expected. This makes them anxious about not being able to satisfy their partner.


It has been said umpteen times that the size of the penis doesn’t affect the sexual performance or ability to satisfy women in bed. Men associate their manhood with penile length and a small penis size hurts their ego. They feel anxious and embarrassed about exposing their manhood to women and fear rejection. In fact, many women have been reported saying that large penis makes them uncomfortable as it is too big to accommodate. Only 3-5 inch of the vagina feels stimulation and hence even a small penis can satisfy the woman. More than the size it’s about the technique. Sexual performance anxiety is actually very common for most men because of the prejudice surrounding penile length and sexual gratification. But you should understand that most of the problems can be handled once you let go of these fears and inhibitions. Try talking to your partner about it, and if that doesn’t help- consulting a good sexologist should be your priority. Read more about sex, relationship, and marriage on our website. If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to write to us. We would be glad to help. Stay healthy and keep learning!
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