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These 5 Foods Will Kill Your Sex Drive- Stay Away From Them!

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
These 5 Foods Will Kill Your Sex Drive- Stay Away From Them!
Food plays a very important role in your sexual health. As a sexologist one of the remedies i recommend my patients is to change their diet and lifestyle. Especially if you’re suffering from any kind of sexual dysfunction, it is important to take a look at what you’re eating. Most of my patient’s earlier diet has affected them and risked sexual dysfunctions. And therefore i recommend all my readers to read this article carefully so that you know what food can kill your sex drive completely. I’ve come up with this list because you should know what wrong foods you are consuming, and trust me, most of you are consuming all this Daily. But before that you should know that your sex drive is literally the most important factor to keep you going. People suffering from low libido lose interest in sex and lead an unhealthy and depressed life. Because sex is more important than just physical pleasure. It keeps you healthy and mentally active. Low libido can also be caused due to imbalance in the hormone testosterone, which is the most important sex hormone in man. In case that is the case, read my article on Ways to increase your testosterone level. For now, let’s have a look at the foods that can kill your sex drive completely

Alcohol- The Cut Throat To Your Libido

A glass of wine or a cocktail can get you in the mood, but I always advise my patients to not drink more than that regularly, because your libido will pay the price. Especially people already suffering from ED should stop altogether. Alcohol is a depressant that can play havoc with a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection and dampen libido for both sexes. Slow down when it comes to drinking and you may find that you rediscover your sexual sparkle.

Sugar- The Slow Killer

Sometimes you feel like you can’t escape sugar because it seems to be everywhere, so don’t think that you’re safe just because you don’t spoon it into your coffee. The sweet stuff increases levels of the hormone insulin, which can cause you to store belly fat, lose muscle mass and causing your testosterone levels to drop. In men, belly fat raises estrogen levels, which can result in low libido and erectile dysfunction; one study found that glucose (sugar) significantly reduced total and free testosterone levels. Make an effort to get rid of the sugar you consume, will help you in bed.

Soya Reduces Testosterone Levels

Excess amounts of the legume-derived products or soy foods (soy milk, tofu and sauce) can reduce the levels of testosterone in the blood and decrease your love drive. Researchers found that men who consumed 120 mg of soy a day had a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone levels affect your sex drive since it is the most important sex hormone. Low testosterone will automatically result in low libido. Don’t go eating soybeans on your date night, now!

Foods With Hormones

Foods that contain added hormones or antibiotics, such as some red meats, are a huge sex offender by unbalancing a man’s natural hormones when consumed in excess. For some, certain foods can even affect secretions like semen, sweat, urine and breath. Foods that you would like to steer away from are asparagus, garlic, certain spice and dairy products, which can all lead to some not-so-pleasant scents and tastes. Sweet citrus fruits like pineapple and flavors like vanilla, tend to make men and women tastier, although you may have to ingest a significant amount to notice. When you don’t smell nice down there, your partner’s sex drive might be affected.

Mint- Your Testosterone Killer

Of course, you might need mint for the breath, but what’s priority? Breath or sex drive? Hmm i thought so too. You shouldn’t be turning to mint for a cure, especially if you are male. The menthol in mint lowers testosterone, which in turn depletes your sex drive. It is important that you know that there are foods, as common as the ones you eat regularly, which can play havoc with your libido. Steer clear of these foods and you will see the change in your sexual performance as well as your sex drive. If this does not help in increasing your libido, feel free to Contact me, I will surely reach out. You can also take our FREE counseling where you can talk to our counselors at the convenience of your home. For more sex and health-related remedies keep reading the blogs. Until next time, have a better sexual life.

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