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Here Are Some Unbelievable Myth-Breaking Facts About Sex!

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Here Are Some Unbelievable Myth-Breaking Facts About Sex!
We all are aware of the ample benefits which sex brings in lives of couples. Apart from the emotional benefits a good session between the sheets also brings along a host of health benefits. However, many people question about the frequency of the sexual activity. It is a widely prevalent notion that couples who have sex every day can only reap its benefits. However, this is a myth! A passionate session of sexual intercourse offers long-term benefits. Sexual intercourse, if satisfying keeps the couple happier for many days. The feel-good hormone has its effects for several days and not just for a while. The quality of the sex matters and not the frequency! Having said that, it should be done quite often, but that ‘often ‘does not translate to every day. Several studies support the fact that having sex 3-4 times a week is sufficient. Indulging in lovemaking just a few days a week can also help in soaking in its awesomeness leading to a blissful relationship. But one can’t ignore the fact that it’s a subjective thing and opinion might matter from couple to couple. Sex is as much of a brain activity as physical it is! It’s all in your mind. Many couples are contented with a quality sex session just a few times a week while others might feel the need to have sex every day to feel close to the spouse.

Have a look at these facts to burst the myths related to the frequency of sex:

One of the major deciding factors is the psychology of the couple. Partners might agree or disagree on having sex every day. In some cases, one of the partners might associate having sex everyday with emotional intimacy or desirability while the other might be content with few sexual sessions a week. When the opinion of both partners is different, they can find a midway and decide what works best for their relationship. It has also been observed that having sex every day might just make it a mundane routine and might not be that gratifying for one or both the partners. The quality and duration of the activity get affected and it might also become boring after a point. A healthy gap between the sessions makes the partners look forward to it. They can enjoy it much better as distance works the magic! The frequency of sex is also determined by how long the couple has been in a relationship. Newly married couples find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. There are this passion and curiosity to explore the newly found bliss. But after the passage of few years, a lot of changes and couples might be content with few sessions of physical intimacy a week. Marriage brings along a wide array of responsibilities. Once the couple has kids, their world takes a U-turn and sex life takes a back seat. Sex might not be as often and even once in a while can bring happiness to them. A lot of factors go behind a happy relationship. There is much more to marriage than sex! A couple who’s emotionally attached might be content with 2-3 times of intercourse a week. Sex might be important to them but not a priority to keep their relationship going. Sex is all about pleasure and satisfaction. Several studies prove that couples in a happy relationship are satisfied even with few passionate sessions between the sheets. It is because each experience is satisfying for them which keeps them glowing for long. Their happiness does not depend only on sex! They might have much more to connect with on a deeper level. And lastly, the frequency of sex depends on the appetite of sex that partners have. Many couples have a huge insatiable appetite for sex which makes them indulge in the activity almost every day. At times, one of the partners might lack the sexual desire making the activity confined to just a few weeks. Everything said and done, though its’ a couple’s prerogative, there is nothing wrong in not having sex every day. The mental and physical benefits can be reaped even with few quality sessions a week making you soak in the bliss for several days.

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