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Reason Why Women Lose Interest in Intimacy

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Reason Why Women Lose Interest in Intimacy
Sex is an important part of marriage. It creates a healthy bond between the couple and brings them close not only physically but also emotionally. Sex is very important for a healthy married life. A marriage consists of mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual connection with your partner and a marriage without sex is incomplete. Sex is an art where partners devote themselves to their spouse and experience an intimate blissful moment which is special for both of them. The problem arises when the woman refuses to have sex and it comes as a hard blow to her husband which gradually drifts the couple apart. Here is a list of few reasons why women might refrain from physical intimacy: Women are often bogged down with a long list of responsibilities. From taking care of the household chores to looking after children, from professional commitments to financial management, there’s a lot going around. Somehow without even realizing sex goes down on the priority list. These day’s it is common to engage in sex before marriage. If a woman has had several sexual encounters before marriage during teens or early twenties, she might feel lack of interest in it. She might be feeling sexed out with no more desire to engage in physical intimacy with her husband. Women who are too occupied with domestic responsibilities or looking after kids might not find sex worth the time and effort. Sex might become just a routine chore for them. They are aware of the fact that their husbands need sex but they don’t feel it essential for themselves. Instead, they prefer having a glass of wine and watch their favorite series to relax and refresh. Many sections of society believe in suppressing the discussion about sex, especially for women. Somewhere the psychology started prevailing in the society that sex is only for men. Few women also believe that men need sex more often for sexual release while women can do without it. One of the common reasons why women refrain from having sex is lack of pleasure. Many husbands behave selfishly and just focus on pleasuring themselves. They ignore the needs of their wife which creates resentment and kills the wife’s desire to have sex. Lack of empathy from husbands is also a major turn-off for women. If a husband does not care or support his wife, shows no tenderness or empathy for her and comes up only at night with a sexual proposition, it makes her feel like a sex object and in long run, she loses her interest in the activity. Lack of romance and emotion during sex is also one of the reasons she repels from the idea of sex. For women, it’s important to feel loved and cherished. Romance is a pre-requisite for women to get into the action between the sheets. A man who simply does the act and roll over to sleep, makes his wife drift apart. If a couple engages in physical activity just for the sake of it or takes it as a duty, there would be no fun and excitement in the act. The sex will have no connection or soul to it. Investing love and emotions in a relationship makes sex beautiful and desirable. One of the widely observed reasons for women losing interest in sex is comparison and expectations. The kind of romance and sex which is portrayed in movies or porn videos is unrealistic. If women start expecting the same out of their marriage, they are bound to feel disappointed. For some women, sexual intercourse is very painful. The reason might be psychological or an underlying ailment but it scares them so much that they refrain from having sex. All of us know women’s penchant to look good. But if a woman is not confident about her looks and has a negative body image, she might feel embarrassed or shy away from engaging in physical activity. Sex is a beautiful gift of nature to mankind and women must enjoy the bliss of sex without any inhibitions. It is the husband’s job to find out the underlying issue, discuss it and try to solve the issue. If required one can also go for counseling.

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