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Psycho- Sexual Disorder And It’s Horrifying Effects On Your Body

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Psycho- Sexual Disorder And It’s Horrifying Effects On Your Body
Sexual disorders have been around for a very long time. And the studies are very profound as well as insightful. The sad fact is that it gets no limelight. People don’t often believe it can happen to them until they are knee deep in the problem. That is why it is very important to acquire knowledge about sexual disorders and their causes. It is a disease like no other. Sexual disorders can be caused by many reasons such as physical, psychological, medical or physiological. But psychological causes tend to do a lot more harm since it is least likely to be detected in the first stages. Only when it goes out of hand does it surface.

But what exactly is a psychosexual disorder?

Psychosexual dysfunction is the inability to become sexually aroused or achieve sexual satisfaction in the appropriate situations because of mental or emotional reasons. Although psychosexual dysfunction is not life threatening, it can have a major effect on your relationships and self-esteem.


Psychological disorders generally arise out of repressed and subconscious feelings and desires. The main causes for psychosexual disorders include Depression, Anxiety, Traumatic sexual experiences such as abuse or rape, Guilty feelings, Stress and Negative body image. Rape and traumatic experience can cause unbearable scars to one’s mind and soul, hence it becomes very easy for the person to develop a guard against any form of sexual interaction. Again, there are many risk factors that can increase one’s chances of developing psychosexual dysfunction. Constantly worrying if you’re good enough in bed, doubting your sexual orientation, religious and social restrictions, fear, abusive partners and guilt also plays with your mental stability and hence increases the chance of developing a kind of disorder. You will notice this all works up in your brain and most of your worries might also be imaginary, but once it overpowers your brain, it overpowers your body.


Once psychosexual dysfunctions take over your body, you will start noticing clear indications of it. It all burns down to your performance in bed. But men and women suffer differently. For men the symptoms may include, not being able to maintain an erection, not being able to achieve an orgasm, inhibited sexual desire and in most cases not being able to ejaculate. While women are often not able to achieve orgasm, have a dry vagina, experience pain during sex and tightening of muscles around the vagina. But the question is what can you do about it?


The most important fact is to talk to a GOOD SEXOLOGIST. Your sexual dysfunctions will not go unless you seek professional help. It is a serious problem and it should be taken in all seriousness. Your sexual health affects your entire body and mind, and not to mention your partner’s also. Therefore it is important for you to go speak to a doctor and get advice. There are various therapists you can talk to, to ease your pain- A Psychotherapy will allow you to talk and work with a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or licensed counselor to figure out ways to deal with stressful or painful issues. Sex therapists assist you by encouraging communication, teaching you about sexual fantasies, and helping you focus on sexual stimuli. Or you can talk to a marriage counselor. Couples meet with a psychologist, social worker, or another type of mental health professional to discuss issues, including communications problems. There are also certain medications prescribed by sexologists that can assist you, but you should always proceed with caution as not all medications have a positive effect. Unfortunately, there are no preventive methods to prevent psychosexual disorder but you can reduce your chances. You should always be open about your intimate life with your partner, it is beneficial for you and them. Communicate your problems calmly and in a right environment. Apart from the sexual aspect of your relationship, try developing the emotional aspect of it too. It builds your relationship and makes you both each other’s support system. And finally, it is very important for you to be self-aware. Stay conscious of your mental, emotional and psychological health. If you think you are too stressed out and hence that is reflecting on your sexual life, talk to a sexologist. It will make all the difference in the world. Your sexual health is an important aspect of your body. Nobody but you should take care of it. I Hope I could solve your problem if you have any other sex and marriage related issues feel free to comment or email me. 100% privacy kept.

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