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All That You Need To Know About G-Spot

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
All That You Need To Know About G-Spot
Ever since the G-spot was identified by a German researcher Grafenberg during the 1940s, it has been a topic of discussion for some while for others it has always been a mystery. It is one of the hottest topics amongst the sex scientists since many are not sure whether G-spot actually exists! Several studies and researchers show that there is no anatomical proof of a G-spot, however, reports do suggest that there is a particular area inside the vagina which when stimulated, helps women reach orgasm. These studies establish that it’s better to consider the G-spot as a sex position; few women might get crazy about it, while others fail to acknowledge it. If you are still perplexed about the mysterious G-spot, relax, your partner might be equally ignorant about it! How to locate the G-spot of a woman is one of the most common questions searched on Google. Chances are that it won’t be as easy to locate the G-spot as stated by Google. They will say that usually, the G-spot is around 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. It is stated that stimulating this specific area can create waves of pleasure for a woman leading to intense orgasm. A British study carried on 1800 women found that women claim to have no evidence of the G-spot. However, a French Gynaecologist Sylvain Mimoun contradicted the claims saying that as many as 60% of the women have G-spots and they just need to discover it. Here’s a look at few facts about G-spot:
  • Few studies have established that certain sex positions like rear entry and woman-on-top can help in stimulating the G-spot.
It’s all about the right kind of pressure and stimulation which can do the trick. Certain sex positions are always found to be more stimulating than others. In this case, entering from the back or letting the woman on top can stimulate the G-spot.
  • You can also stimulate the G-spot with fingering.
In fact, it is better to explore the G-spot with your fingers. The way you don’t penetrate your penis inside of her in one go, insert your finger slowly bit by bit really soft. Refrain from thrusting the finger vigorously. Once she is comfortable with your finger inside, slightly curl your finger and softly massage the top of her vaginal wall. If you feel a textured or the ribbed area inside, congratulations, you are on the right path!
  • The G-spot is different from the rest of the vagina as it has a different texture.
You can know you are at your destination if you feel a bean-shaped bump inside her vagina.
  • For enhancing the pleasure,
The woman should bend her knees towards her chest as it gives the man more access to the G-spot.
  • If you are still confused about locating the G-spot try to gauge her reactions.
You will be able to sense her reactions or pleasure if you are stimulating the right place i.e. G-spot. If you are unable to gauge if she’s pleased or not, simply ask her.
  • Ensure you stroke her G-spot in a rhythmic motion.
Try different speed and amount of pressure to see what excites her most. Once you know what pleasures her most, stick to the rhythm.
  • In some cases, the women might not enjoy the new sensation if she had not discovered her G-spot earlier.
If you feel a sense of displeasure, stop for now and try some other time. If the same thing repeats over a period of time, just leave the endeavour of finding the G-spot as it might not be her thing!
  • Once you have worked your way with fingers, it’s time to enter from the back.
As an advanced move, instead of a straight back ensure she’s on her all four limbs with an arched back. Now, lift her hips and penetrate in a downward direction. This will allow the penis to rub her front vagina wall quite easily. G-spot might be an intriguing idea but it is not necessary to find it for enjoying the sexual bliss. There are several other ways of pleasuring a woman and giving her the orgasm of her lifetime. If you found this helpful, read our other blogs about sex and marriage related problems. You can also email me if you have any worries or doubts. We believe in 100% privacy.

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