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Meet The Couple Who Made Orgasms Lasting Up to 18 Hours

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Meet The Couple Who Made Orgasms Lasting Up to 18 Hours

Yes, you’ve read that right- 18 hours!

Sure women can have multiple orgasms but lasting for 18 hours and not just women, men too? Seems impossible right? Well, not for Scott and Melanie McClure. This couple from Texas has clearly hit home when it comes to mind-blowing orgasms! The McClures, who have been married for eight years, appeared on This Morning and opened up about their continued orgasm or as they like to call it a full body experience! On asking what makes this full- body experience possible, they reveal that they practice what is called a tantric sex and no it’s not some sort of voodoo. Tantric sex is actually is a Hindu practice which helps them orgasm for 18 hours! Scott McClures also goes on to explain that the key thing that most people don’t realize is that orgasm is different from the traditional release that comes from the climax. And so when you’re able to separate these things, instead of having the traditional trajectory where you kind of get excited, and then the climax, and then go to sleep, you’re able to have an experience where you keep going and have multiple experiences. But how does this heightened sexual experience actually feel like? It’s much more powerful and more intense and it’s a full-body experience," explains Scott. “You can have a full-body, completely ecstatic, a blissful orgasm that’s actually more powerful than anything you’ve ever done before without the traditional release and the drain of energy.” “It also leaves us feeling re-energised instead of feeling tired”, adds Melanie. Tantric sex is actually a Hindu practice that dates back 5,000 years, and refers to the "weaving and expansion of energy" during sex. And according to nationally recognized sex expert Emily Morse, it involves "connecting your body to your partner's body" via ritual, massage, and coordinated breathing. In our modern overscheduled lives, we rarely stop and intently focus on our partner. Practicing tantric sex can enhance your relationship and your sexual pleasure in several ways. Firstly, emphasizing breath and connection creates a deep level of intimate contact. This alone can open your heart to feeling closer, more loving and more forgiving. Secondly, the slow pace of tantric lovemaking will allow you to explore the sensual range of your bodies and minds. Lastly, while you may hate the idea of avoiding climaxing, these practices can help you both develop sexual ecstasy and connectedness far beyond that of a typical orgasm. Tantric sex is all about letting go of "any taboo or shame" associated with sex and viewing it as what it is: a deeply liberating experience. The couple themselves believe that in order to do this kind of thing, you have to be open and be connected to your emotions, your feelings, and your channel so that you can feel the energy moving through your body, that’s what makes it kind of a spiritual practice as well. Couples who have tried tantric sex find that they cultivate great sensual pleasure and also a sense of ‘dissolving into each other’ that is profound and loving. The purpose is to become enlightened, to become one with God. The Western form of this sacred sexuality called Tantra teaches slow, non-orgasmic sexual intercourse. So if you’re into it, why not give it a try. If it works, do let me know. And for more interesting sex and marriage related topic keep reading the blogs. Comment down below if you have any sexual queries, ill surely provide the remedy. Until next time, do like the blog!
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