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Foods That Can Help You Keep Her Satisfied In Bed

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Foods That Can Help You Keep Her Satisfied In Bed
Having a healthy sex life is something we all crave. For a man, sustaining an erection till orgasm is achieved is most pleasurable. It not only makes for great sex but also boosts your confidence. But what happens if you are suddenly unable to do so? Let’s say you’re in the mood and then you find that you either can’t get it up or you can’t keep it standing for more than a few seconds. If left unchecked, this could turn out to be devastating in an emotional manner for you and can also affect the intimacy levels with your partner. You may start experiencing lower self-esteem and feel inadequate when it comes to satisfying your partner.

So What Can You Do About This?

Firstly, don’t panic. There are many ways to deal with this. Instead of turning to Cialis or Viagra to boost your erection, you might want to try out some natural alternatives. In our own diet itself, lies the solution to problems in the bedroom. Chemical medications definitely help you get an erection. But they do not fix the problem long term and are external agents that let you sustain your orgasm. Natural foods, on the other hand, help change things internally and allow you to get and maintain your erection naturally.

Top Five Foods for a Harder Erection

Though there are many foods that can help, we have outlined the top five that are easy to find and also include in your diet. These foods basically work at increasing your testosterone levels and providing more blood supply to your blood vessels.

So go ahead and read about these scientifically proven foods to help you recover your mojo in the bedroom.


Garlic is a magical bulb with many wonderful properties. It naturally increases your testosterone level which means increased libido and enhanced sex drive for you. For those with high blood pressure, which often results in erectile dysfunction, it lowers the levels and also reduces inflammation. Apart from this, garlic also increases the production of nitric oxide which helps widen arteries. This increases blood flow to those arteries which translates to greater erection sustaining power for you.


This tasty seafood item is rich in minerals like copper, selenium, magnesium and mainly zinc. It also contains Vitamins D and B6. These minerals, especially zinc, play an important role in producing testosterone in your body. Zinc is also important for healthy sperm production. No wonder they are considered to be the ocean’s aphrodisiac.


Chilies are not only spicy in nature but can also spice things up for you in your sex life. They contain the alkaloid capsaicin which releases heat in the body. This makes the blood vessels expand and more blood is pumped into your genital area. Apart from increased vascularity and improved circulation, chilies also help reduce blood pressure. This is a perfect reason to hit that Mexican restaurant on your date.


Salmon and other fatty fish like tuna, sardines, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids. These increase the secretion of dopamine which triggers sexual arousal in you. Stress and depression are two of the biggest culprits that can rob you of your sex drive. These foods naturally reduce your stress levels and make you happier. And we know that happier people have better sex. Just remember to eat them as baked or grilled and not in their fried form. When you fry them, omega6 acids are added which can block the omega3 activity and we don’t want that happening, do we?


This deep reddish fruit is considered to be natural Viagra. If you are looking to have a stronger erection, you must include this in your diet. Pomegranates decrease arterial plaque and lower your blood pressure. They also increase production of nitric oxide in your body. This helps relax the muscles around the blood vessels of the penis. When these blood vessels dilate, there is increased blood flow which helps you maintain your erection. While choosing to incorporate these foods into your diet, you must combine them with lifestyle improvements like better sleep, exercising, weight loss and stress management. These foods are naturally going to help you gain a stronger erection and now a trip to your local organic store or grocery is a must. Try sticking to more natural forms of the food and avoid the processed or genetically modified ones as your body will work best with how nature intended them to be. Having a hard erection which can sustain for a long time is considered to be an asset for men. Some naturally occurring foods are the best solution for erectile problems. Include them in your diet for more fun under the sheets. Go natural and you will see the results gradually. If you want any other topic to be covered by me just Comment Below.

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