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Can Consumption Of Marijuana Hamper Your Sex Life?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Can Consumption Of Marijuana Hamper Your Sex Life?

People have various ways of having fun and recreation. Sadly for some people, the idea of fun begins with smoking and drinking while for others it begins with consumption of drugs.

People who consume weed are often found saying that it makes them feel high and gives them a kick. Marijuana is one such drug which is highly used across the world. It is also referred as cannabis by some. Marijuana has a mood altering effect on people which can also offer a sense of calmness to its users.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana consists of dried leaves, seeds, stems and flowers from the plant name Cannabis sativa. The drug is known to contain different chemicals which have a negative impact on the body. Marijuana is smoked in hand-rolled Cigarettes which are called joints. It is smoked in pipes or water pipes. Some people also make use of blunts which are basically emptied cigars filled with Marijuana. People who wish to avoid inhaling the marijuana use vaporizers. It can also be consumed by mixing in food items such as cookies, brownies or brewed in Tea.

Marijuana and Sexual Health

Marijuana might make you feel on the top of the World for a while but the damage it does is irreversible. Sex is an important part of our lives. It’s a way of feeling connected with our partners, the ultimate manifestation of love! Several studies established that smoking Marijuana has an adverse effect on the sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common issues faced by men. ED is the inability of a man to either get an erection or hold it long enough to have sex with their partner. While occasional ED is common during stress or anxiety, long-term ED is a matter of concern. It is also termed as impotence. ED leaves men embarrassed and afraid of not satisfying their partner. Smoking tobacco restricts the blood flow to veins and arteries and hence it contributes to ED. It is said that erectile dysfunction and Marijuana are synonymous with each other. Men who are into smoking of Marijuana suffer from erectile dysfunction since the weed is known to have certain chemicals which are even worse than those found in Cigarettes. Next time you think of consuming Marijuana, remember these facts about the abusive drug: Smoking Marijuana surely makes one feel ecstatic but the sense of euphoria is followed by drowsiness and slower reaction. This leads to decrease in libido in men. The loss of sexual desire can have a negative impact on your sex life. Men can also face issues with not being able to hold the erection for long. Regular consumption of Marijuana can also make it difficult for the man to get an erection. When a person gets addicted to Marijuana they are constantly on high-levels of a feel-good chemical known as Dopamine, the chemical gets released after smoking of the weed. As a result, men face difficulty in getting aroused sexually when the body is at normal levels of Dopamine. This again hampers the sex life of the person leaving their partner frustrated. Marijuana is also associated with increasing the levels of blood pressure and heart rate of the person which majorly contributes to erectile dysfunction. The Cannabinoid receptors present in muscle penile tissues can make it possible for the THC to hamper the penile function which can lead to erectile dysfunction in some men. Marijuana is also said to have other negative effects on the body such as changed senses, mood swings, and changes in sense of timing along with hampered body movement, impaired memory, and difficulty in comprehending information or solving a problem. Considering the above negative impact which Marijuana has on the male sexual health, they should refrain from consuming it at any cost. No amount of ecstasy or euphoria can replace the pleasure that one gets by lovemaking with their partner. It is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature which two people can experience. And no drug is worthy enough to spoil that beautiful connection! While Marijuana is prescribed for treating certain medical conditions, make it a point to consume it in moderation under Doctor’s supervision.

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