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Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Sexual problem in men can arise during any phase of their sexual life. We Treat in these Major Problems.

According to the recent statics, around 40%, of the females, from all ages, are known to face sexual problems. The number can be probably more, because most of the cases due to hesitation are not reported or complained. We live in a society in which westernization seems to be the hot topic, but still talking about ones sexual life is considered embarrassing. These problems need to be treated on time, because if not taken care of they can have a ripple effect on one’s personal life and even our sexuality can also be negatively affected.Sexual cycle in women.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is common and effects a male at-least once in a lifetime. It is often known as impotence and requires urgent treatment. I have seen people go on internet to find its treatment and instead they damage they health even more. To get relief from Erectile Dysfunction, you need to get proper medication from a Doctor.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is common problem among men. 1 out of 5 men suffer with this problem atleast once in his lifetime. It can be for a week or for a month but in some cases it lasts longer. It causes depression among men and one should immediately consult a doctor if he is suffering from this sexual problem.


If you are getting ejaculation at night then you might be suffering from Nightfall. This problem is common in youths and can be very embarrassing. Generally avoiding spicy foods and exercising regularly would lessen the frequency for nightfall. If this problem is for the long period of time then you should consult a doctor.

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement or Male Enhancement is the technique to increase the length of Human Penis. I have seen that in India, many people suffer due to their small penis. If your penis is too small then you can take treatments which can help in increasing your size.