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Lack Of Desire For Sex

Lack Of Desire For Sex

What is Lack Is Desire For Sex?
The topic seems to be quite confusing, as we think sex is an activity which is desired by all humans and even animals. So what the lack of sexual desire actually is? Many people fail to understand this. The lack of desire for sex is commonly found in women but many men are also suffering from this condition. It is very less common among the people but the modern trend is reporting more cases . it is the least common sexual problem. The lack of desire for sex is such a condition in which a person looses his/her interest in sex, or the desire for sex is nil.
What are the reasons and cause of Lack Of Desire For Sex?
There are physical as well as psychological (mental) reasons which cause this condition. The physical conditions which are responsible for this may be: Access alcoholism, means if a person consumes excess amount of alcohol, then this may cause into his or her lack in interest for sex. The doses of drugs like cocaine is also found a reason for lack in sexual desire. Obesity is also a very common reason for this condition and hence a person must be physically fit to enjoy a better sexual life. some diseases and disorders like anemia and hyperprolactinaemia are also some of the reasons for lack in sexual desire. The lower level of testosterone is also one of the common reasons of this condition. Any head injury or fatal disease like diabetes might be also a reason for lack in sexual desire. One more reason for this condition is an under active thyroid gland.
What are the psychologial reason for Lack Of Desire For Sex?
There are some very common mental or psychological reasons for this condition like depression which is most common, stress and overwork, latent homosexuality, and problems in relationships are also some of the reasons for this condition.
What to if a person lacks His/Her Interest in Sex?
A person must consult his doctor and if the doctor is unable to help then he will refer you to a specialist. Just be calm and meet a sexologist as soon as possible. There is a high rate of cure in this condition.