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Sex Education - A Need of Everyone

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Sex Education - A Need of Everyone

Sex Education

Sex education is a kind of awareness, which includes the information regarding human sexual activities, reproduction, sexual anatomy, reproductive health, right and responsibilities for sex and also the relations. Sex in humans has all the aspects including, physical, spiritual, biological and emotional factors. The physical aspects are the sexual needs of the body and the bonds between two individuals. The biological aspects are the natural phenomenon of humans to reproduce. Sex as a process of reproduction. The spiritual aspects are the factors through which the individuals get connected to each other. The emotional aspects are the feelings which arise as an affection towards others which is called love. Generally, parents, teachers, and societies through awareness programs teach adolescences and children about Sex Education. It has seen that the teenagers are very curious about their sexuality. As well has aspects and general facts about sexuality. The definition of Sex Education given by BURT is, "the study of characteristics of being a male or a female." In our tradition, the information about sex was not given to the adolescences until their marriage. Earlier there have been so many cases of teenage pregnancies. The start of sex education to teenagers and children was started in the nineteenth century in North America. As the lack of education among children was leading to teenage pregnancies all over the world. Many countries started a revolution for it so that they could stop the cases. After the outbreak of AIDS, all found that sex education is a must for the teenagers. As it was spreading all over the world started from South Africa. Most of the scientists consider this as a vital strategy for public health. After the impact of AIDS, the mass media also resulted as a great impact to educate about sex. As a source, sex education can be taught informally. Just by simple conversations with parents, elders, relatives and other social peoples and media. Also, it can be taught to the teenagers through magazines, social media, posters, and advertisements. In some countries including India, sex education is taught formally in school, in lessons in junior high school level. As at this stage, a child reaches his/her puberty. Some of the countries do not promote sex education in schools as sex always has been a controversial topic. Many of the sex education programs have been conducted in India and the world to make the children aware of all the sexual facts. And also to know and be aware regarding their personal sexual health. Many programs in India have been introduced regarding sex education and sexual health. As it is very necessary for the youngsters to be physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy. Education of sex must be promoted by the parents, elders, education boards and the government of a country. Sex is a thing which we hesitate to talk about and at this point, we fail to make ourselves aware regarding sexual health. Sex is a topic to be discussed openly and taught freely, as it is an important factor of life, not something that we hesitate to talk about. So don’t hesitate, be aware!
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