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Sex & Intimacy: Explaining the Expectations of Men & Women

By :Dr A K JAIN 0 comments
Sex & Intimacy: Explaining the Expectations of Men & Women

For some, sex is the need to fulfill their physical desires, and for others, it is the way to express one’s love for their partner. But, either way, it is an opportunity to indulge in a sexual relationship and explore one’s fantasies. Even a touch, a voice tone, or the soothing words are likely to turn the other one “ON.” Again, the perception of sex & intimacy is different for men and women.

Men are practical; sex can be just a way to relieve their stress. As far as women are concerned, they tend to be more emotional and deeply involved. However, this does not go for all men and women! Everyone has their individuality and different perceptions about sex. But, what if your partner does not show any interest in having sex or on the contrary, one can’t resist the urge to have sex? Would it be normal? No, it wouldn’t! This is when it is advised to seek help from a sexologist doctor in India, who can help you maintain harmony in your sexual life.

You might have spent time wondering what your partner wants from you on the sexual front. Well, here is the answer.

Sexual Intimacy and Men

A Way To Fulfill Physical Needs

A men’s desire to have sex is mostly physical, unlike women. Owing to the massive testosterone levels in the body, men can’t resist their desire to indulge in a sexual relationship. Even on the slightest provocation by a woman, men are likely to get an erection. When that happens, men want their women to act spontaneously and to enjoy the intimate moments.

The Energy Wars

While most men are overly energetic when having sex, women may get tired way too soon. This one thing turns off a man! Men want their partners to show excitement and drive to have sex with them. The thing is; a man’s energy is driven by the hormonal rush that, in turn, results in aggression and energy in bed. When women show lack of interest, men lose their interest and may even lose the erection.

Frequent Sexual Instances

For your surprise, some men can’t resist having sex. It is like a drug for them; they need it every time. For your surprise, a man can ejaculate even at the thought of imagining sex. As per studies, men below sixty, think about sex once in a day. If the relationship is new, it may seem justified. But, if the obsession seems never-ending, the need to visit a sexologist doctor in India becomes all the more essential.

best sexologist in india An Adventurous Endeavor

Men want their sex life to be adventurous. There is no doubt in the fact that men have fantasized about sex their whole time. They are excited about sex, and all they want to try is new things, or you may say the new positions. When a man gets what he wants, the orgasmic pleasure would be beyond what words can explain. Men are always open to adventures and trying new things in bed, and if his lady love is all geared up to match to his expectations, it will make him happy.

Men Love It When Women Initiate It

It is seen that it is mostly the men who initiate intimacy. While men have no problem with it, they would love it when their love interest takes the initiative. It is one thing that can give pleasure beyond explanation. Nothing could be more exciting for a man seeing his woman taking charge. On the contrary, it is witnessed that many couples lose interest in each other. In such a case, instead of giving up on each other visit a sexologist doctor in India. He is the right person to rekindle the love and physical bond you used to share.

Sexual Intimacy and Women

Sex Is Expressing Love

Most women love to make love over aggressive sex. Women like to take it slow. And, the sooner a man understands it, the better! If you appreciate your woman and tell her how amazing she is, her urge to have sex would increase manifold. Women are emotional and consider sex as a way to express their love for their partner. It is the warmth of one’s love and affections that drives a woman’s sexual desire.

Women Want Their Own Sweet Time

For a woman, a relationship does not start with sex. It starts with knowing each other until chemistry, or a connection is established. If you force a woman to have sex, you’ll lose her. Do you know women want sex as much as men do, or even more? But, you need to give her time. On the contrary, if women do not get the satisfaction and pleasure they desire, it would turn them off. It could be due to sexual problems faced by men. Visiting a sexologist doctor in India could be your one best shot to get things right.

best sexologist doctor in india Women Love The Art Of Expressing

There is no doubt about the fact that women love to talk! This form of communications is the best way for them to express what lies in their heart. Most of the times it is women you tell how they feel and what makes them feel so. They want their partner hears them and makes them feel what they want. The key is that men should hear to a woman’s sexual desires. What she likes and dislikes, and your relationship would bloom like a flower.

Women Want You To Know The Limits

There can be times when a man’s sexual energy does not synchronize with his lady love. Or, it could be vice versa. Both the partners need to show the sexual want equally, only then both can feel satisfied. If a woman gets tired way too soon, while you are continuing aggressively, it would be a disaster. Women want their men to understand them. If a woman feels uncomfortable, you need to stop right there. One can’t force an orgasm!

No Sexual Intimacy Means No Love

Women have a habit of taking everything literally! If the man in their life does not have sex with them, they think that he has lost interest in them. A man may have his sexual problems, but a man needs to be open about it. With time men may face erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, or there may be a loss of libido. The only way to convince your woman that you still love them is talking about the problem you are facing. There are sexologist doctors who can treat you physically as well as mentally. Remember, it is never too late!

sex doctor in india Wrapping Up

Emotional attachment and sexual satisfaction keep a relationship going! There is a taboo in India that if a man or a woman experiences a sexual problem, they will skip talking about it. But, is that the solution? No, it isn’t? Why risk your relationship and love just because you feel hesitant to talk about the problem. The solution is to fix an appointment with a sexologist doctor in India, who will mend you physically and mentally. It is the difficult times that test the foundation of a relationship, so do support each other through it!

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