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Are you ignoring your sexual health?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Are you ignoring your sexual health?
Sex is an important part of our lives still it is sad to see how more often than not we ignore our sexual health. Though there is an increasing awareness about maintaining health and fitness, sexual health is never given any prominence. A lot of it has to do with our casual approach and ignorance. Most of us are ignorant about the importance of maintaining sexual and reproductive health. Though many advertisements or magazines claim that a specific supplement, vitamin or mineral can improve your performance in bed or protect from Sexually transmitted disease, it is completely untrue. It’s a combination of a lot of things that promote your sexual health. You need to focus on the right kind of nutrients in right amount from the food you consume. It’s a combination of a lot of things that promote your sexual health. You need to focus on the right kind of nutrients in right amount from the food you consume. Have a look at the following nutrients which can help both men and women in optimising their reproductive/ sexual health:


Antioxidants are required by everyone for protection of cells from ageing and chronic diseases but it is more important for women as it promotes the health of egg which makes it easier to conceive. Fruits, vegetables, and green tea offer right amount of antioxidant.


Few studies indicate that enough calcium helps in reducing the risk of hypertension and premature delivery during pregnancy. Calcium also helps in promoting a healthy pregnancy. However, the calcium needs to be consumed along with magnesium as the later keeps the calcium level in check. Along with dairy products, calcium can be sourced from leafy veggies while magnesium from nuts, whole grains, and legumes.


Researchers show that Iron is important for both reproductive and sexual health. Iron deficiency causes fatigues and in few cases depression which hampers the sex life. It is also said that iron deficiency might also cause infertility. Iron can be sourced from leafy vegetables, nuts, shellfish, and meat.


L-Arginine is an amino acid which helps in increasing the blood flow. It might help in treating erectile dysfunction in men. L-Arginine is found in fish, dairy products, poultry and red meat.


It’s not just heart that benefits from fatty acids. The women reproductive organs such as uterus and ovaries also benefit from fatty acid. It regulates menstruation and reduces the risk of developing a complication during pregnancy. It also reduces the chances of premature birth. It can be found in abundance in oily fish.


Apart from its usual benefits, potassium also ensures ample blood flow to genitals which is essential for a healthy libido and reaching the orgasm. Banana, kidney beans and potato are considered as a rich source of potassium.


Selenium is also known to be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction in men. If taken with Vitamin E, selenium is said to improve the quality and mobility of sperms which are both quintessential for conception. It can be found from broccoli, brown rice, oily fish, and nuts.


Vitamin B3 which is known as Niacin is proved to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction especially in men suffering from cholesterol. Vitamin B3 can be sourced from peanuts, liver, green peas, turkey and mushrooms.


Vitamin B9 is beneficial for both men and women. In women, it reduces fatal abnormalities, enhances fertility and increases chances of egg implantation in the uterus. It was also observed that men with ED had a lower level of folic acid than those who didn’t have ED. Vitamin B9 can be sourced from citrus fruits, lentils and spinach.


Apart from protecting the body from common cold and heart diseases, it also promotes blood flow which can help in ED. It also helps in synthesizing reproductive hormones like testosterone, androgen and oestrogen. Vitamin C can be sourced from strawberries, lemons, orange and the likes. Apart from the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals, one should also consume Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Zinc for maintaining and improving sexual and reproductive health. Your sexual health should be a priority for you, as sexual health affects other aspects of your being and also your mind. Keeping a healthy body and mind is very important we all know. So take notes, and if you have any worries don’t hesitate to comment down below, or simply email me.
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