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Benefits Of Sex

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Benefits Of Sex
Sex is considered as the most common natural activity among all the living organisms including humans. We all are aware of what sex is, and what role it plays in our life. Despite all the awareness, we are still away from its means. It is something which we all should be aware of, but despite everything we know still there is a hesitation in us. Sex plays a vital role in our life, as we see in each and every organism it is very common. The natural fact about it is that it means for reproduction. Meanwhile we humans do not consider this activity only for reproduction. For humans, it is having many other opinions, some of which are love, lust, desire, attraction and a need. It has a great impact on human life. Sex has many benefits related to human life. It helps to keep our immune system humming. Some of the researchers tell us that people having regular sex are more defensive towards viruses, germs, and other pathogens. It is because people having sex develops a higher level of antibodies. It also boosts our Libido. Sex is also a great remedy for people having high blood pressure, as it lowers the blood pressure and provides relaxation and removes stress. It is also a great exercise. It is a workout along with a great pleasure. Experts say that a normal sexual intercourse burns about five calories in a minute. It uses many muscles of our body and also increases heart beat. Hence it is a good exercise. A great benefit of sex is that it reduces the risk of heart attack. It keeps the level of estrogens and testosterone controlled. Sex is also great for weight control as it maintains the appetite and burns a lot of calories immediately. When a person experiences orgasm, it reduces the chance of getting cough and cold. Sex boosts the immune system also. it saturates blood and purifies it regularly. As the supply of oxygen is improved because of it. Regular sex also helps to remove stress, as it gives everything; it provides joy, pleasure, relaxation, and satisfaction.

Benefits of a Healthy Sexlife:

As our behavior towards sex is poor, and our thinking considers it a practice not to talk about in open. We always fail to get a lot of information regarding the benefits of sex. Despite all, sex results in a great understanding in a couple. The satisfaction due to sex provides happiness and enhances love between them. The emotional and mental consequences of being sexually active are very good. Instead of hesitating, one should talk about sex openly. Should share experiences and education with others. And make others aware about sex. As sex has many benefits and many things that may harm, it is necessary to gain some information regarding sex. So that you live a healthy sex life with a great satisfaction and pleasure.

Benefits of Sex to Women:

Women having regular sex develops more vaginal lubrication, elasticity and blood flow, and hence sex is also a great thing for women. Sex also improves the control over bladder in females. Sex acts like a workout or an exercise for the pelvic floor in females. While a female experiences orgasm it contracts the pelvic muscles which strengthen them.
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