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How to Have Safe Sex Without Protection?

By :Dr A K JAIN 0 comments
How to Have Safe Sex Without Protection?

Sex is better when you are emotionally attached with the partner. The more you know about the likes and dislikes of your partner the better the act becomes. Having sex without protection is tempting for some couples, and if the only concern is the unwanted pregnancy, then it can be avoided.

There are different ways to have sex with your partner without using protection, but you should try only when you know your partner very well. Having sex without protection with a stranger or someone whom you don't know well is riskier.

If both the partners know each other well and decide to do sex without using a condom, then it can be done. If the only concern is to avoid unplanned pregnancy, then it can be achieved using contraceptive pills.

There is no need to find the best sexologist in India for getting proper advice. You can quickly get the basic guideline online, but rather than that, you should see a reputed gynac or a sexologist in your city for an appropriate direction.

One can surely depend on emergency contraceptive pills. These pills are readily available at any good drug store. If you have planned for not having a baby for at least six months, then you should opt for other reliable methods. However, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a safe period for sex in young fertile women. It is better to visit a sexologist who can guide you in the proper direction. If you are hesitated to visit such a clinic, then you can also go for sexologist online free consultation. Getting adequate advice and then moving ahead is better than taking any chance.

safe sex without protection

Let’s first know the reasons why you should use protection during sex:

  • Condoms have proved very effective in giving protection from HIV and STDs. Along with that condoms also keep you away from an unplanned pregnancy. Using condom creates a barrier between male semen and vagina. Male condom has to put on the penis, and the female condom is inserted into the vagina before penetration.
  • Most men avoid using a condom as they don't know how to use it and feel humiliated at the failed attempts in front of women. However, the practice can help you to learn how comfortably you can wear a condom. Practice will make you confident when the right situation comes, and you don't have to convenience your partner to have sex without a condom.
  • Many couples don't use the condom as they carried away in the heat of the moment. To prevent such incident, both the partner should know the importance of using protection, so either one of them can remind to wear a condom.
  • It is recommended to use a condom while having sex with a person you don't know very well. It would be a safe move to keep you protected from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
  • If your partner insists on not using protection during sex, then it indicates that the person does not care much about himself/herself and also does not care enough about you.
  • It is also important to know that using the condom for the second time increases the chances of breaking and doing so is not worth risking. There is no need to apply extra lube on the condom as they are already lubricated. If you want to use extra lube, then go with the water-based lube, especially with latex condoms. Oil-based lubes increases the chances of breaking the condom.

The condom is also helpful to those males suffering from premature ejaculation. When the rubber reduces the sensitivity, the ejaculation can be delayed. Many considered it as one of the useful ‘Shighrapatan’ treatments.

Now let's talk about how to have sex without protection and avoid pregnancy:

Yes, it is possible for the couples to have sex without protection and prevent pregnancy. Pulling out before ejaculation is helpful. Male should pull out his penis before ejaculation. It should not be done right before the climax as it increases the risk of sperm dropping in the vagina. You should know that it is tough for the male to pull out before the orgasm and not everyone is capable of implementing the pulling out method successfully.

safe sex

Oral Sex:

Oral sex is also one of the options for avoiding pregnancy, but then it does not reduce the risk of STD. However, it is not as riskier as unprotected sex. Saliva in the mouth is not high risk transmitted fluid like sperm or vaginal fluid. You only need to ensure that your partner does not have symptoms of oral herpes or gonorrhea in the throat. You should not perform oral sex with someone whom you don't know well enough.

Is it worth taking the risk?

Yes, sex without a condom might feel tremendous and spontaneous, but it has its drawback. If you want to reduce risk, then you should not give such importance to the presence of the condom. You can still be intimate with your partner. So whenever, you will like not putting on the condom; you should keep in mind that:

  • Unplanned pregnancy is not fun at all.
  • Getting affected by STD is begins your struggle with the health for a long time.
  • HIV is something you lose when you die, or in many cases, you die because of it.

So the best thing would be to use protection and focus on other things that make both the partners happy. When you have sex without protection, you put so many things at stake. And if you ask any sensible person whether it should be done or not, then the answer would be negative. No one who knows the risk will advocate unprotected sex.


There are more benefits of using condoms. If you often feel tempted to have unprotected sex, then you should take the advice of an expert, such as a sexologist. The best information is that you should use a condom for many reasons and compare to these benefits the risk is not worth taking

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