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Have you noticed a downfall in your libido?

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
Have you noticed a downfall in your libido?
It is perceived that men have a higher libido in comparison to women. That’s a common misconception which is prevalent even amongst men. Having a higher sexual drive is somehow considered as a sign of masculinity. If for some reason men start experiencing low sexual drive, it becomes a matter of concern for them. In some guys, low sex drive feels as if they lost the zest and motivation in life. It is natural for some men to have a low libido than others and it’s perfectly ok. It becomes a matter of concern only when there is a drastic shift in the libido and it reflects that there is something wrong deep down. But these issues are not that serious and can be tackled quite easily. One simply needs to trace the cause of low libido and work towards it. Here are some of the common reasons for low sex drive and ways to resurrect it:


Hectic lifestyle and work pressure have created a lot of stress in our lives. Stress has a negative impact on our health and it is estimated to be the most common reason for low sex drive. Men start believing that they have a medical issue but it is stress playing its role. It is observed that as many as 75% of the cases of low libido are due to stressful lives. Though sex helps in relieving stress but if you have unusually high levels of stress, it might prevent you from getting in the mood for sex. Solution- Have a thorough look at your personal and professional life and figure out the reason for stress. Opt for yoga or meditation for decreasing the stress levels. Getting your sex life on track can work as a huge motivation to get rid of stress.


Not giving enough importance to self-care can also lead to lack of sexual desire. Ignoring your basic needs is directly going to hamper your libido. It is necessary to consume a proper diet, have enough sleep, maintain healthy weight and exercise regularly. It is also essential to abstain from alcohol and drugs as they can lead to low libido. Solution- The solution is quite simple. You just need to have a healthy regimen and treat your body right so that it works efficiently.


Medical issues do not have a direct impact on the sexual drive of a person but certain medical conditions can definitely hamper your libido. Anxiety, diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol, and thyroid are some of the common issues which can shrink the libido or make it disappear altogether. Solution- You should take resort to the doctor as soon as possible. With help of a thorough check-up, the doctor can diagnose the underlying reason for low libido and suggest ways to resurrect it.


There is a direct relation between your sex drive and the testosterone level in your body. You might experience an imbalance in your hormones due to many reasons such as illness, medicines or injuries. The testosterone levels are also said to decrease once you are above the age of 30. Solution- Make an appointment with your doctor so that he can test the hormone levels. He might prescribe certain therapy or other ways to bring back the testosterone levels to normal.


Relationship issues have a direct impact on libido. If you have been experiencing constant tension and fights in your relationship and if you are skeptical about the future of your relationship, the sex drive is sure to take a back seat. It is obvious to not feel anything for a partner whom you don’t get along with. If you experience a healthy libido while masturbating, it’s a sure sign of relationship issue causing low sex drive. Solution- The best solution for relationship-based sex drive issues is to take resort to a sex therapist or counselor. They might help in fixing the actual cause of the drift which will have a positive impact on the decreasing sex drive. Low libido is not something to stress about. With some introspection and help, you can easily overcome it. Consult a good sexologist if you are worried about your overall sexual desire and low libido. If you have any other sex-related worries, check out our other blogs, and if you want me to cover a topic I have not yet, do comment down below or email me. 100% privacy kept.

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