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How to be confident in bed if it’s your first time

By :Dr AK Jain 0 comments
How to be confident in bed if it’s your first time
It is not unusual for a virgin guy to feel anxious about having sex for the first time. Though there is a sense excitement and thrill about making love for the first time, somehow it takes a back seat. If you are inexperienced, you are more likely to feel diffident than excited about the first sexual encounter. The fear of the unknown can be held responsible for the same. Men are always vulnerable to performance pressure and sceptical about satisfying their partner in bed. For some guys, the anxiety can prove to be a nightmare refraining them from having sex at all! No doubt sex is a journey and you get better with each sexual experience but that should not deter you from having sex. After all, there is a first time for everything! To reach the desired destination you need to start the journey. Here are few tips to make you feel confident in bed even without experience: To reach the desired destination you need to start the journey. Here are few tips to make you feel confident in bed even without experience:


The anxiety and insecurity are all in your mind and has got nothing to do with your performance. Even experienced men can feel insecure as it is a subjective feeling. The reason for insecurity can be different for each person. But remember it’s just your perception and not reality. And you are not alone in it. The woman in bed with you might be equally inexperienced or insecure.


If you are anxious about how to make love to your partner, there is ample authentic and genuine stuff available online and offline which can help in enhancing your lovemaking skills. You can opt for books or read relevant blogs online wherein you can find nuances of making love step by step. However, do not consider porn as your guide, it’s just for entertainment and is far off from the actual thing. It can cause false expectations and anxiety about performance.


You can’t deny the fact that grooming makes you feel presentable and confident. Sex is a physical activity and you need to look great in bed. Having said that, we don’t mean a great physique or six-pack abs! But hygiene is important. You need to be confident in your own skin just being clean, healthy and presentable. Exercise regularly, eat right and sleep well. It reflects on your body. Dress well and wear clothes which flatter your physique. Get a nice haircut, trim your beard and wear a nice perfume. It will certainly boost your confidence.


Though it has been said that masturbation can come in way of your sex life, it’s upon you to reap the benefits from it. Moderation is the key! Stop treating masturbation as a way of getting rid of sexual tension created while watching porn. Go slow and start studying your body and its reactions. Try to increase the timing of each session. Train yourself to go back while at the edge of an orgasm.


It’s normal to rush things up during anxiety. But the key to a successful lovemaking session is to go slow. Don’t jump in right away. Spend a lot of time touching, hugging and kissing your partner. Have fun in bed, indulge in oral sex. Taking things slowly will decrease the anxiety and help you in going with the flow. Women love being teased and most of the women get more pleasure from fingering and oral sex than intercourse. It’s a win-win situation for you!


One of the quintessential traits of being great in bed is satisfying your partner. You need to be careful about her needs, focusing on her body the most. By kissing and caressing her, by going down on her you will make her more happy than a guy with years of experience but self-centered in bed. Seeing her getting pleasured will make you feel confident. The most common mistake men make is thinking that sex is a technique based performance. You need to go with the flow and discover what makes you both happy instead of mastering the art or techniques. It’s a way of connecting with your partner on the emotional level as well. And last but not the least, have a good sense of humour and simply laugh off the awkward situations and goof-ups. Hope this helps you let go of those jittery feelings. Remember that after all, it’s the connection that matter with your special someone. And if it wasn't that great the first time- there’s always a next time. Email me or comment down below if you have some issues. And for more sex related topics, read on!

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